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11 October
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I'm just the regular Super Junior fangirl who has a poster from their latest concert in the country posted above my bed. (and above my desk and in the closet and in my wallet and under the bed and and and, well that's about it.)

Kyumin is my ultimate OTP!!!

After that i accept all pairings but am most likely to read Kihaehyuk (and all variations of it) Mimin and Hanchul. ^^

Sungmin is my husband. Nobody argue. He's MINE.

Aside from suju, i'm also into Harry Potter(Dramione or Drarry), Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Hibari Kyouya is awesome! D18 FTW), Kyou Kara Maou(Yuuram), Code Geass (Lelou <3), Artemis Fowl, Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian x Ciel) and stuff like that!
code geass, harry potter, kateikyouishi hitman reborn, kuroshitsuji, kyle xy, shinee, super junior