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Thirst [5/?]

Title: Thirst
Pairings/Characters: main!kyumin, implied!eunhae, onesided!kihae, possible!minwook (with SM stars and U-KISS)
Rating: taking little tippy-toes out of the PG-13 region 0.o
Summary: Kyuhyun is attacked in a dark alley one night, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Theme: Vamp!AU, HS!AU, dark themes, blood and gore.
Genre: general, angst, drama, romance with a bit of fluff and crack at the side.

Chapter 5
A/N: I was very evil in the last chapter wasn’t I? 하하하하하하


Kyuhyun's bed was soft. The pillows were extra fluffy and the blanket was also silky to the skin and anyone who sank down into it wouldn’t have any trouble falling asleep.

But Kyuhyun's bed was also cold. Especially when there wasn’t any Kyuhyun slumbering between the covers. His scent lingered there though, even after he hadn’t slept in the bed for a week now. Sungmin sniffed lightly on the bed sheet as he curled up under Kyuhyun's blanket. He liked being reminded of what Kyuhyun smelled like. It was almost like Kyuhyun was there even if he wasn’t.

Sungmin didn’t know what was wrong with him; Why he had to skip classes just to go in search of his friend nonstop; Why he had to keep remembering Kyuhyun at random parts of the day or why exactly he was curled up in Kyuhyun's bed right now feeling like a pathetic clingy person who couldn’t live a week without his best friend.

He didn’t like it one bit.

But he didn’t leave the bed either, choosing to get lost in Kyuhyun's scent as he slowly drifted off to dreamland. He was hopeful that he would dream about Kyuhyun tonight, with the scent surrounding him and a picture of them together on the bedside table, how could he not dream of them?

But then his hopes get dashed when his cellphone rings and the sound brings him out of his semi-sleepy state.

“Aish.” he reaches for the phone under his, uh-under Kyuhyun's pillow, and presses it against his ear.

“Who could be calling at a time like this?”


Jonghyun flew through the forest, fervently hoping that the others had gotten away as well. Minho, he thought, would have taken to the air, the man was practically born to command the winds. Onew wouldn’t let anything happen to Kibum and would make sure that the other man was safe. And Taemin, Taemin was just special.

For any other sign of danger he wouldn’t have been worried for any of them. They weren’t amateurs to this sort of thing anymore. But this Ryeowook was different. Onew seemed genuinely frightened of the man, and because of that, Jonghyun was frightened too.

I hope everyone survives.




Nobody answered. Sungmin frowned down at his phone. Was there something wrong with the connection?

“Yoboseyoooo?” he tried again, and there it was, a slight sniff coming from the other line.

Encouraged that there was someone listening to him, Sungmin continued speaking into the phone.

“Ya, who is this?”

Sungmin strained his ears.

An intake of breath, a choked sob, and then:

“Min…” his voice was breathless and he sounded like he’d just cried.

Sungmins heart missed a beat and he was suddenly made very aware of the fact that he was lying in Kyuhyun's bed.

“Kyu?” even as he said it he didn’t dare think that he was right.

A pregnant pause.

And then the voice on the other side began to sob.

“Kyubear? Is that really you? Why are you crying?!” Sungmin asked, feeling very alarmed.

“Oh, Min….” the person at the other line spoke at last, confirming that it really was Kyuhyun. Sungmin narrowed his eyes even as his heart began to beat faster, the man had a lot to answer for.

“Cho Kyuhyun where are you? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I’ve been so worried. Tell me where you are so I can pick you up!” he practically yelled into the phone.

“Mianhe, Minnie…” Kyuhyun's voice broke.

“Kyu! Just tell me where you are!” Sungmin demanded, grabbing a pen and a slip of paper from Kyuhyun's bedside table as he poised to write down the directions.

Kyuhyun ignored his question.

“J-just always remember that you’re my Bunny, okay?”

Sungmin could feel his heart sinking. Why did Kyuhyun sound like he was going to die or something?

He became agitated.

“Kyu please. Just answer the question. I miss you!”

There. It was out.

“I miss you too Min. I miss you so so much.”

And Sungmin could feel the pain in Kyuhyun's voice, but he didn’t understand it.

“Then come back, Kyu!” he cried, it was a simple solution to the problem.

“I-I can’t.” Kyuhyun stuttered out after another session of sobs.

“Why not?!” Sungmin hissed, hand gripping the pen he’d grabbed till his knuckles were white. All sorts of gruesome situations flitted through his head, what reason would Kyuhyun have to stay away from him?

“Mianhe…” was all that Kyuhyun said.

“Kyubear…please.” and without Sungmin noticing, a tear was already making its way down the contours of his face and he was begging Kyuhyun to please, oh please, come back.

‘I’m really really sorry.” Sungmin thought he heard a moan in the background.

“Kyu, just come back!” Sungmin yelled into the phone, sobbing now as well.

“I love you Min.”

Sungmins eyes widened and he opened his mouth to ask what the other meant and then:


“Kyu? Kyuhyun! Did you just…”




Minho snapped his wings and shot into the night sky, hoping that it would be dark enough to conceal him and his ink-black wings from detection. He had no idea where he was headed, all he knew was that he was going to get as far away from that place as possible. There was no fucking way he was letting some feminine-ish dude, as Taemin had stated it, end his existence.

The sound of beating wings and the flapping of his clothes around him was all he heard as he flew as fast as he possible could, but he wasn’t fast enough in leaving the area to not hear the next sounds that came from behind.

A gunshot.

A shout of pain.

A cry of anguish.

Minho scrunched his eyes.

He could only hope that whoever was shot wasn’t one of them.


Kyuhyun let the phone slip from his blood-stained fingers, allowing it to drop to the ground with a loud clatter as the blood on the screen glistened in the moonlight. He dropped down to the ground right next to it in quite a similar condition, shaken, bloodstained, and with his face glistening with tears.

His haunted eyes quietly tracked the weak rise and fall of the mangled body in front of him. Soon enough the breath would leave the body and the blood would completely drain out. He knew it would end soon. Either in death or in the undead,

Kyuhyun wasn’t sure which one was worse.

“Mianhe.” he whispered to the bloodied man as he reached forward to brush the blonde locks away from the closed eyes but then refrained from doing so. Maybe even the pulse from the skin he’d feel from brushing against it would set him off again.

Kyuhyun couldn’t afford that.

Not when Kyuhyun is so close to Sungmin’s apartment,

Not when Kyuhyun could see Sungmin through the apartment windows, dressed in a pink nightgown as he tossed and turned in Kyuhyun's bed as he tried to make himself comfortable in a bed that was far too cold for his liking while tears ran down his cheeks.


He couldn’t lose control.

Never again.

“Mianhe, Eeteuk-shi.”


Taemin clung to his savior like super-glue, crying his eyes out as he did. He never did see who it was who had shot the drunk man who had assaulted him while he had been trying to make a get-away from the terrifying feminine-ish man Onew was so afraid of, all he knew was that his savior was warm and kind and the arms that had encircled around him were gentle as they could ever be.

“T-thank you.” he managed to choke out in between sobs and the man continued to soothe him.

“It was nothing.” the man replied.

Taemin decided that he liked listening to this mans melodic voice.

But then the man pulled back, breaking Taemin’s moment, and the light from the street-lamps illuminated his saviors sharp features and in a sudden stab of unwelcome recognition, he realized who his savior was.

The blood drained out of Taemin’s face.

“You’re young, you shouldn’t be wandering around at night.” and Ryeowook’s voice, for it surely was Ryeowook who had his arms around Taemin at that moment, seemed to come from so far away.

Taemin opened his mouth to respond but no sound came out. Ryeowook only looked at him in concern. “I-I’m sorry.” he manages to blurt out as he feels his hands grow cold. He gulps.

Then from around the corner behind Ryeowook, Onew and Kibum skid into view and Taemin’s heart sinks even lower. Ryeowook stiffens in his arms and Taemin knows for sure that the man has sensed Onew’s presence and as the man begins to turn around to look over his shoulder, hysteria grips at him and he lets out a wail of grief and latches himself unto Ryeowook’s front even as he yearns to run screaming from the man as fast as he could.

“Shhh, don’t panic.” Ryeowook whispers into his ear but Taemin doesn’t hear him as he stares wide-eyed at Onew and Kibum from over Ryeowook’s shoulder.

Onew sees him and his eyes widen and he flings out his arms to stop Kibum from running.

“Go.” Taemin mouths to a stricken Onew, “Run.”

Onew doesn’t seem to agree with his decision but Taemin doesn’t give him time to retaliate. He buries his face into Ryeowook’s shoulder and dissolves into not-so-fake tears.

He manages to make Ryeowook stay for a few more seconds as he listens intently to the sound of Onew and Kibum running before Ryeowook begins to pull away again, eyes shifty and hands frantic.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers to Taemin and then he hands the boy a gun, and before Taemin could have the chance to react, Ryeowook run around the corner and Taemin was only glad to know that he’d bought enough time for Kibum and Onew to get away.

Or so he hoped.


Onew tries to focus on running as he gets farther and farther away from the apartment, but it just doesn’t work when he sees flashes of Taemin’s frightened face in his mind and he has to fight off the strong urge to turn back and rip Ryeowook’s arms off of what belonged to him.

Kibum sounded like he was dying behind him so Onew slows down the pace and offers to carry Kibum again but the stubborn boy shakes his head, looking incredulous that Onew even thought he needed help even when his face was already red in exhaustion.

“Just keep running, Onew. I can still…oh no.” and Onew watches as the blood drains out of Kibum’s face as his eyes widen and Onew thinks he knows what he’s going to see as he turns around because the stench of blood is suddenly beckoning to him and he thanks god that he thought to feed before leaving home.

It was Kyuhyun. A blood-drenched Kyuhyun kneeling over the body of some person that felt so familiar.

“Kyu-Kyuhyun?” Kibum says, shakily walking towards said man who looked as if he was crying. “Is that…?”

“It’s Eeteuk.” Kyuhyun answers with a bitter tone, “Our homeroom teacher. .” he looks up and stares at Onew. “is he going to die as well?”

Onew surveys the damage, the blood that’s been spilled on the pavement and the ghastly wound that didn’t look like a bite mark any longer. He gives Kyuhyun a slight nod and the younger man crumples to the ground with a loud moan of anguish and Onew rushes to his side in alarm as Kibum looked around in worry.

“Shhhh!” Onew hisses, forcefully pulling the hysterical man to his feet and then scrunching his nose up at the scent of blood radiating from Kyuhyun. “Be quiet or he’ll hear you!”

But Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to hear him and he trashes out of Onew’s grasp, and falls to his knees in front of Eeteuk. Kibum moves to try to help Onew but the vampire shoots him a warning glance and he stops mid-action.

“He might still be thirsty.” Onew mouths at him and Kibum’s eyes widen and he edges away. “Go home.”

Kibum's eyes land on the prone figure of his teacher and his hysterical classmate and then he looks back at Onew and nods slowly, biting his lip. ‘Go.’ Onew hissed, and Kibum staggered backwards before he fully turned around and sprinted away.

Onew turned back to Kyuhyun and he tries to pull the other vampire up but Kyuhyun is stronger and he refuses to budge, clutching unto Eeteuk's frame as he mumbled apologies that Onew didn’t bother listening to, he could already hear footfalls headed in their direction and he had no doubt about who it was.

“Kyuhyun!” he growled, pulling roughly, “Kyuhyun get up!!”

Kyuhyun pulled out of his grasp.

The footfalls were getting closer.

“Kyuhyun! Get up or I’ll-”


Onew barely has time to drop down to the ground before a bullet whistles past the space where his head was just a second ago. His heart jumps to his throat and Kyuhyun freezes in his arms.

Ryeowook caught up with them.

“Shit.” Onew cursed, and this time, Kyuhyun does hear him. He turns to face Onew with his mouth hanging open in shock even as the other man jumps to his feet and fluidly pulls the younger vampire up with him.



Onew yanked Kyuhyun out of the bullets path and he slams into him, getting his breath knocked out of him as the bullets aimed at his body snag into his coat instead and damage the cloth. Kyuhyun pulls away from Onew with wide terrified eyes and Onew couldn’t deny that he was afraid too. Ryeowook was already just a block away, chest heaving as he reloaded his gun.

“No questions. Just run!”

Onew turns and tugs Kyuhyun with him but Kyuhyun breaks free and falls down next to Eeteuk. He tries to gather Eeteuk's body in his arms.

“Don’t touch that man!!!” Ryeowook screamed, he cocks the gun and aims it at Kyuhyun, giving Onew no time to react.



Ryeowook watched in satisfaction as the vampire he’d shot went down, but he doesn’t give himself time to celebrate. There was still another one standing and he’s used up all the silver bullets. Maybe he shouldn’t have been to trigger-happy on the last one.


He takes out another clip and loads it into his gun, be already knows it’s no use. The other vampire was far too quick for him and before he’d even cocked his gun again the other vampire had already grabbed his fallen companion and was already tearing away with vampire speeds.

Ryeowook debated on whether he should send a last hopeful shot at the retreating vampires back but then the man he’d thought to be dead gives out a moan and Ryeowook almost drops his gun in alarm.

He walks cautiously over to the man lying on the cold asphalt, gun aimed at the others heart as he edged closer.

What he sees makes him want to double over and vomit, but his job required an iron stomach and he tries to hold it in.

The blood was everywhere, and the man was already so pale, his white-skin contrasting with the deep crimson of his own blood which pooled around him. Ryeowook had no doubt that this one was going to turn into a vampire too. If he wasn’t going to turn into a vampire he’d have been long dead.

Ryeowook shakily puts his finger around the trigger.

He couldn’t let anymore vampires walk around killing people.

He looks into the mans face and gulps. This one looks like a tortured angel, splayed on the ground with his lifeblood spilling out of him. This one, unlike the purebloods, never chose to be attacked and turned. Ryeowook didn’t want to do it, he really didn’t. This man hadn’t even killed anyone yet. But if Ryeowook didn’t kill him now, he knew this man will soon kill other innocents.

Ryeowook couldn’t let that happen.

He begins to press the trigger.


Sungmin pulled on his sweater, opened the apartment door and stepped out. He couldn’t sleep. The thought that Kyuhyun was out there somewhere kept bugging him and he just couldn’t take it anymore. He decided to return to what he’d been doing a few days ago.

Search for Kyuhyun.


Zhou Mi is lazily lounging around in the living room when Onew suddenly bursts into the house, a non-breathing Kyuhyun draped over his shoulder.

“HYUNG!!!! Quick!!! Get me some blood!!” Zhou Mi hears Onew yell before the other runs into the kitchen.

Zhou Mi leisurely trails after him.

“What happened to Kui Xian?” he asks airily as he fiddles with the bandage around his wrist.

Onew lays Kyuhyun down on the kitchen table and runs around the kitchen, grabbing a knife and a towel from the kitchen cabinet before he swivels around and advances on Zhou Mi, eyes lit in panic.

“Didn’t you hear what I said, Hyung? Get me some blood!” he yells before he turns once again to Kyuhyun and grabbed the unconscious/dead/? Mans arm.

Zhou Mi’s as widen when he sees a blackened hole in the newborns upper arm.

“Oh.” he says, “silver bullets!”

Onew looks up and glares at him. Zhou Mi sighs.

“Yes. Yes. I get it. Blood.” he mumbled. He walks across the room and flings open the refrigerator door. “How many do you need?”

“He got hit three times. The fourth one just narrowly missed his head.”

“Ooooh. Harsh.” he grabs three bags of blood. Just enough for the wounds to heal but not enough to erase the scars. He throws them at Onew who grabs them as he tries to extract the bullet from Kyuhyun's arm with only a knife.

Zhou Mi doesn’t care to watch the disgusting procedure.

He walks back to the living room and reads a book.


Ryeowook couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t pull the trigger on a man who’d just been turned.

And that was why he was back here. At the house of the man he considered his father, his mentor and his guide with the dying man lying on the floor beside his chair as he waited for said father/mentor/guide. He knew the man was going to see him as weak again. But he couldn’t just end a life of a man who hadn’t done anything wrong…yet.

He was kind of hoping that his ‘appa’ would do it for him.

Speaking of his ‘appa’, said man poked his buzz cut head into the room and smiled at Ryeowook, his eyes forming into half-moons as he did so.

“Ryeowookie!” Kangin greets rambunctiously, he steps fully into the room. “What brings you here?”

Ryeowook doesn’t speak, he motions towards the body beside him.

Kangin loses his smile.

“Oh.” his voice turns business-like. “dead or undead?”

He walks forward and pokes the body with his toe. Ryeowook shoos him away.

“In the middle.” he says, he turns pleading eyes to Kangin. “I don’t know what to do! I can’t kill him, he hasn’t done anything wrong yet, but if we don’t, he will!”


Kangin crouches down beside the body and reaches out to brush the blonde hair out of the mans face. Ryeowook watches curiously as the expressions on Kangin’s face fluctuates between many emotions when the almost dead mans face is revealed.

“Are you going to kill him for me?” Ryeowook asked, he takes his gun out of his holster, ready to give it to Kangin at the other mans say-so. “Before he wakes up and does damage to us all?”

Kangin straightens up and shakes his head. “I don’t know…”

Ryeowook’s brow furrows in confusion. “What are we going to do with him then?”

“Hmmmm…” Kangin says again, beginning to pace as he scratched his chin. Ryeowook watched him with anxious eyes, his gun hanging low on his hip.

“AHA!” Kangin suddenly shouts out, finger high up in the air. Ryeowook jumps up in his seat in surprise.

“What?!” he demands, hand over racing heart.

“Why don’t we just keep him?” Kangin asked, he walks back to the man on the floor and props him up against Ryeowook’s chair, the mans head lolls loosely. Kangin’s eyes soften at the fragility displayed in front of him.

“Keep him?” Ryeowook is mystified. “Like a pet?”

Kangin’s eyes light up. “Exactly! We can try to tame him or something! It’ll be our groups new experiment!” he jumps up and begins dancing wildly.

Ryeowook rolls his eyes at his elders antics and settles back down in his chair, just glad that his problem had been solved.

“Sometimes Appa, you don’t act like you’re the leader of a vampire-hunter guild. What are you going to tell the others when they see him?”

Kangin stops dancing.

“I don’t know. I’ll hide him in my room for now. If he tries to kill me and I’m not able to ‘tame’ him of his thirst in a month, then I guess we’ll have to tell the others that he’s just a prisoner that got lose.”

“And then what?” Ryeowook asks.

“That’s when they kill him.” Kangin says it as if he’s pained. “But for now let’s hope that I ‘can’ tame him. And I guess if I succeed, we take our news to the upper ranks and we stop killing vampires for good.”

Ryeowook pouts.

“That’s lame.”


Sungmin takes out his phone and dials Kyuhyun's number for the nth time that night. He’s walking aimlessly around the alleys in town and the sun has already begun to peek out of the horizon but he hasn’t even been able to catch a blink of sleep. Not like he could fall asleep in the first place though, Kyuhyun's sobs haunted him but it was Kyu’s last sentence that kept echoing in his mind and he just couldn’t stop it from playing over and over again.

I love you Min.

He didn’t exactly know why those words hit him so much. It wasn’t like he liked Kyuhyun. They were just friends, best of friends, but still, just friends. Nothing more nothing else. Words of love were normally exchanged between the two but this time it felt different. Like something was flying in Sungmin’s stomach but it didn’t feel annoying, instead it made him feel lighter. It felt right, like breathing, but Sungmin had no idea what this feeling was.






The subscriber cannot be reached, please try again later/

Aish, Kyu still wasn’t answering any of his phone calls.

He ends the call and then he tries again.




Sungmin sinks down next to a lamp post as he hopes against hope that Kyu would answer his phone.


-lived by the sea-


-in a land called Honah Lee-


Sungmin lowers his phone from his ear and listens intently. He thought he just heard Kyuhyun's ringtone for a moment there, but that was impossible.

-without his lifelong friend, Puff could not be brave-

Sungmin springs up and looks around excitedly, that definitely was Kyuhyun's ringtone, and if he could hear his ringtone that means that Kyuhyun was here too right? Sungmin’s eyes roved over the road and the shops which were still closed but there was nobody there. But how could that be? The ringtone sounded awfully close.

-oh puff the magic dragon lived by the sea-

He vaguely hears the operators voice on his phone tell him that the subscriber cannot be reached again and the ringtone stops playing. Sungmin loses the sound and he frantically calls Kyuhyun again and waits.


-puff the magic dragon lived-

Yes! There it was again! Sungmin walked away from his lamp post with the cellphone desperately pressed against his ear as he tried to follow the sound of the electronic singing. His eyes wide and alert as he tries to look for the man holding the cellphone he was calling. But no matter how hard he searched, he just had to conclude that no one was around yet.

-and brought him strings and sealing wax-

But if no one was awake, then where was that sound coming from?

-lived by the sea and frolicked-

Sungmin dropped his phone in his pocket and walked in the direction of the sound, being extra careful as he did because as he walked away from his lamp post the light diminished as the sun had yet to rise and darkness still enveloped everything.

The subscriber cannot be reached. Please try again later.

He robotically opens his phone and redials.

-puff the magic dragon-

He hears a splash while he walks even closer to the sound and he looks down to see that he’s stepped into a puddle of dark liquid. He can’t see what it is in this light but he could feel that it was sticky and he scrunches his face up in disgust.

-lived by the sea-

He steps out of the puddle and tries to wipe his shoes clean on the clean pavement but he only succeeds in spreading the mysterious substance all over the hard surface. He takes out his phone and directs its light at the substance to try to find out exactly what it was.

-and frolicked in the autumn mist-

He stares uncomprehendingly at what he sees for a few moments after the light reveals it to him but his body is already reacting to the sight. His stomach heaves, his blood drains out of his face and his heartbeat quickens.

Had he really just stepped into a puddle of blood?

-in a land called Honah Lee-

It’s when the stench of death hits him that he realizes that it really was blood that he had stepped in. He scrambles away from it, almost falling over himself as he did. Suddenly, his feet felt very sensitive, as if he could feel every drop of blood that had touched his foot and how dirty it was.

-together they would travel-

Sungmin feels like he’s going to vomit. But then he quickly realizes something and he goes cold all over at the foreboding thought which occupied the forefront of his mind.

Somehow, it sounded as if Kyuhyun’s ringtone was coming from the ground near the puddle of blood.

The subscriber cannot be-

He doesn’t even allow the operator to finish speaking. He grabs the phone and presses redial and he stares at the puddle of blood with his eyes wide as he hopes that it was just coincidence that something by the puddle of blood played the ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ song that he and Kyuhyun had sung together.

Puff the magic dragon-

But the sound really is coming from beside the puddle of blood, and Sungmin’s heart sinks lower. He slowly edges towards it, his cellphone raised over his head to serve as his flashlight. The blood gently reflects the bleak light and he sees it ripple softly when his foot slightly touches the edge of it.

-lived by the sea-

A reflective surface catches on to his artificial light and it glints at him from beside the pool of blood.

-and frolicked in the autumn mist-

Sungmin bends over and picks up the thing that reflected back his light and he grimaces a bit at the blood that’s coating the object, he inspects it under his cellphone light hoping that it wasn’t what he thought it was.

-the subscriber cannot be reached. Please try again later.

He wipes his thumb across the bloodied screen and when he sees what’s on it he thinks that he’s forgotten how to breathe.

There in bold words, accompanied by a picture of himself with a huge smile were the words: “3 missed calls from Minnie.”

Sungmin looks up from the cellphone in alarm and looks around frantically. This is Kyuhyun's cellphone. There was no doubt about it now. But Kyuhyun, where was he? Sungmin didn’t see anyone anywhere and the puddle of blood by his feet didn’t tell him anything good.

“Kyu?” he calls and his voice echoes in the empty streets. His heart clenches when he hears nothing.

Then suddenly sirens blare in the streets and Sungmin jumps up in fright, almost dropping both cellphones to the ground. A police car careens around the corner and stops directly in front of him and Sungmin watches with wide terrified eyes as two police officers jump out of the car and aim their guns right at him.

“Put your hands above you head and turn around!” one yells at him.

“But I didn’t-”Sungmin tries to protest as he takes an unconscious step back.


Sungmin shakily complies and he turns to face the wall and shuts his eyes. He feels the cellphones ripped from his grasp and handcuffs clipped to his wrists and then he’s violently dragged away. He opens his eyes again and tries to plead with the officer with the gruff voice.

“I didn’t do anything, I promise I didn’t!”

Neither of them listened to him.

“Sir, you have the right to remain silent.” the quieter man says.

And then he’s shoved headfirst into the backseat and the police car careens off into the night.


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