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FB arashi

A/N: So i was bored, and this is what happens when i'm bored ^^

Henry Lau is now single
Cho Kyuhyun and 100000000 fan girls like this
Cho Kyuhyun finally! This means that I can finally concentrate on my Starcraft!
Park Jungsu o.o I never noticed that you were even IN a relationship! And Kyuhyun, what do you mean by that?!
Lee Sungmin awww, Henry what happened?!
Henry Lau I don’t want to talk about it :C
Cho Kyuhyun well at night I can always here them moaning
Cho Kyuhyun and groaning
Cho Kyuhyun and screaming
Park Jungsu Cho Kyuhyun YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A MONTH!!!
Cho Kyuhyun but I was just answering your question!
Kim Kibum tough luck maknae
Lee Donghae KIBUM!!!!!!! <333333

Kim Ryeowook > Henry Lau we’re so sorry bb :<

Henry Lau > Kim Ryeowook I still feel so hurt wookie

Kim Ryeowook > Henry Lau we’ll never do it ever again

Henry Lau > Kim Ryeowook promise?

Kim Ryeowook > Henry Lau promise from the bottom of my heart!
Henry Lau likes this

Lee Hyukjae is confused
Lee Donghae, Shin Donghee and 15137 people like this
Shin Donghee they have a world of their own!
Cho Kyuhyun it’s an idiomatic expression Hae.
Lee Donghae oh
Shin Donghee *face palm*

Henry Lau is in a threesome with Kim Jongwoon and Kim Ryeowook
Kim Heechul and 23840975 people like this
Kim Heechul I never even knew there was an option like that!!!
Park Jungsu WHAAAAT?!?!
Choi Siwon oh no, I think I know what’s coming

Kim Heechul is in a threesome with Han Geng and Choi Siwon
Han Geng and 489393 people like this
Choi Siwon I knew it.
Park Jungsu WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?!
Lee Sungmin umma’s going to have a heart attack…
Kim Heechul *snickers*
Park Jungsu but Siwon, what about GOD?!
Kim Heechul I AM God!
Han Geng I agree
Kim Heechul Geng!! Come to my room quickly, god shall reward you greatly!!!
Han Geng 8D
Park Jungsu DON”T YOU DARE!!!
Shin Donghee too late. There are already sounds coming from their room
Kim Kibum TMI
Lee Donghae KIBUMMM!!! <3333
Kim Kibum ^^
Choi Siwon guys wait for me!!!
Park Jungsu DDD:

Kim Jongwoon wants appa back so umma can stop PMSing
Cho Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi, Lee Sungmin and 29484 people like this
Cho Kyuhyun umma’s acting like when Min couldn’t find his pink pyjamas
Lee Sungmin hey!!!
Zhou Mi you mean the one-piece?
Cho Kyuhyun yes! 8D
Zhou Mi oh I like those! 8D
Lee Sungmin I’m wearing them right now.
Zhou Mi can I come over?!
Lee Sungmin sure :3
Zhou Mi 8DDDDD
Cho Kyuhyun but what about me? Aren’t you going to invite me? I’m right across the room and your hiding under your blanket!!!
Lee Sungmin you’re not getting any!
Cho Kyuhyun awww, but Minnie!
Lee Sungmin no! Don’t you come over here Cho Kyuhyun. I don’t asdfghjklewrtyuiojkhg!!1
Zhou Mi omo! I think they’re starting without me!
Kim Jongwoon O.o
Henry Lau TMI
Park Jungsu OH NO THE CHILDREN!!!!! You are in so much trouble Kyu, Min and Mi!
Shin Donghee there he goes again…
Henry Lau it’s called Qmimin umma
Park Jungsu omona! MY BB ISN’T INNOCENT ANYMORE!!!
Henry Lau T.T

Lee Donghae misses Kim Kibum
The world likes this
Kim Kibum I miss you too Hae!
Lee Donghae where are you Kibummie?!
Lee Hyukjae yes. Tell him already so he can go visit you and stop badgering me about you.
Kim Heechul I think someone’s jealous
Lee Hyukjae Ya! I thought you were supposed to be having ‘fun’ with Siwon and Hankyung-hyung?!
Kim Heechul I AM having fun with them! Did you know that Siwon has the most ‘skilled’ hands?
Lee Hyukjae
Kim Kibum we did not need to know that.
Lee Donghae I don’t understand anything. :<
Kim Kibum oh no! Hyuk! Get Hae away from the computer screen!!!
Lee Donghae but WHY?!
Lee Hyukjae I’m on it.
Kim Heechul what did I do?
Kim Kibum *glares*

Shin Donghee just saw Donghae being dragged kicking and screaming out of the dorms by Eunhyuk. Anybody know what happened?
Kim Kibum likes this

Cho Kyuhyun likes men in pink dresses
Zhou Mi and 790345 people like this
Lee Sungmin but I’m not wearing it anymore! D:
Cho Kyuhyun I’ll change it then.

Cho Kyuhyun likes naked men who wore a pink dress till very very recently
Zhou Mi and 13157000 people died when they saw this
Lee Sungmin Yay! <333
Kim Ryeowook 0.o
Cho Kyuhyun I don’t want to! >D

Park Jungsu Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Heechul, Lee Sungmin, Zhou Mi and Kim Jongwoon are all grounded for 6 weeks.
Choi Siwon likes this
Kim Jongwoon why am I included?!
Park Jungsu creeping behind people to touch philtrums is not nice.
Shin Donghee he did that to you too!?
Lee Taemin he made me spill my milk!
Shin Donghee how did he even get into YOUR dorm?!
Lee Taemin IDEK! 0.o

Lee Jinki > Kim Jongwoon you stay away from my Taemin!
Mimi likes this

Lee Sungmin is bored. Being grounded sucks.
Nobody likes this
Zhou Mi get off the computer and entertain Min, Cho Kyuhyun!!
Cho Kyuhyun why don’t you do it? My character is going to ASDFGH I DIED!!!
Zhou Mi well now that your character died you go do it, I have to finish painting my nails.
Cho Kyuhyun aish, I can’t I must take REVENGE!!!
Zhou Mi Kui Xian, I may love you, but you srsly freak me out.
Cho Kyuhyun I don’t care. Just go to Minnie already, he’s getting all teary-eyed on his bed.
Zhou Mi but I still have to wait for the nail polish to dry!
Lee Sungmin *pouts*

Lee Sungmin has a lollipop, and it’s PINK <333
Kim Heechul and 27000 people like this
Cho Kyuhyun Aish, T’is is his revenge.
Zhou Mi stop licking it like that Min.
Lee Sungmin why should I? *licks*
Lee Sungmin What DID I make you do?
Cho Kyuhyun my character died again!!!
Lee Sungmin because I licked my lollipop? (^~^)?
Cho Kyuhyun Yes.
Lee Sungmin oh… *licks*
Lee Sungmin *sucks*
Cho Kyuhyun !!!!!!
Lee Sungmin *slurps*
Cho Kyuhyun gah!!!
Zhou Mi oh no Min, look! He’s smirking evilly again.
Lee Sungmin but why? I didn’t do anything!!!
Lee Sungmin go back to your bed Kyu HEY THAT’S MY LOLLIASH;ODIJFHPH;MI’F

Zhou Mi wants a lollipop NOW.
Kim Heechul, Han Geng, Choi Siwon and 123456 people like this
Kim Heechul life is hard.
Kim Kibum > Park Jungsu you do realize that you just sentenced Qmimin to stay in one room together for six weeks straight, right?
13157000 people like this

Park Jungsu > Kim Kibum OMONA!!!
2345 people like this

Kim Kibum > Park Jungsu exactly.
12345675 people like this
Park Jungsu Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Sungmin and Zhou Mi aren’t grounded anymore!
Park Jungsu and 3 others like this
Cho Kyuhyun Aish Kibum, why’d you have to tell him?
Kim Jongwoon but what about me?!
Kim Kibum I needed to stop Hyuk from getting any hornier than he already is!
Lee Hyukjae I’m not horny!
Lee Donghae Hyukkie, I’m hurt! How come you never told me that you were an alien?!
Lee Hyukjae but I’m not an alien!!!
Kim Jongwoon I don’t want to be grounded!!!
Lee Donghae then how come you have horns?
Cho Kyuhyun again…Hae, it’s an IDIOMATIC expression
Lee Donghae oh
Kim Jongwoon UNGROUND ME!
Lee Donghae but what does it mean?!
Kim Kibum HYUK! I thought I told you to get Donghae away from the computer?!!?!
Lee Hyukjae oh I forgot
Kim Kibum I’ll do it.
Kim Jongwoon why is everyone IGNORING me?!?!!?
Kim Ryeowook awww, don’t worry Sungie, I won’t ignore you
Kim Jongwoon yay!

Shin Donghee is wondering why Kibum (who I haven’t seen in forever) and Eunhyuk dragged Donghae out of the dorm.
Lee Sungmin, Kim Heechul and 12108 people like this
Kim Heechul they want to have some FUN
Lee Sungmin 8D
Kim Ryeowook ewww
Kim Heechul don’t be a hypocrite Wookie, you know you want some too!
Zhou Mi 8D
Kim Ryeowook *blush*
Park Jungsu the children!!!
Kim Heechul are corrupted
Henry Lau 8D
Park Jungsu DDDD:

The universe likes this

Henry Lau > Kim Ryeowook how come nobody commented to umma’s post?

Kim Ryeowook > Henry Lau Sungie says they’re all busy
254244 people like this

Henry Lau > Kim Ryeowook oh! 8D
Amber Liu and 234566 people like this

Kim Ryeowook > Henry Lau yes

Henry Lau > Kim Ryeowook you wanna be busy too?
9013475841 people like this

Kim Ryeowook > Henry Lau sure! 8D, should I bring Sungie?
Kim Jongwoon and 98765453546 people like this

Henry Lau > Kim Ryeowook Yes yes!!!
Asia likes this

Park Jungsu T.T
Hei likes this
Kim Yongwoon >dislikes<
Park Jungsu Kangin!!!! I miss you!!! Wait, they have face book in the army?
Kim Yongwoon I miss you too! And yes, yes they do.
Park Jungsu 8D <3333

Shin Donghee thinks he needs earplugs. 0.o
ELF likes this

-WAHHAAHHA, had nothing to do and went into addict mode. ^^

a/n: wah, the bold i used for all the names disappeared and now it's like that and i'm too lazy to change it so, yah. ^^
Fixed it for you lazy-ass-Tai! ~ Kisungie


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Jul. 24th, 2010 07:28 am (UTC)
Pinefir likes this
Jul. 24th, 2010 07:45 am (UTC)
LOL! i'm happy kibum came. if u want something done right u better do it yourself bummie <3

-pats leeteuk's back- at least kangin has fb in the army xD
Jul. 24th, 2010 07:48 am (UTC)
Jarield and Pinefer like this

"Henry Lau is in a threesome with Kim Jongwoon and Kim Ryeowook" This one totally cracked me out!!! WTH is that relationship status?...

Jul. 24th, 2010 08:14 am (UTC)
Jul. 24th, 2010 09:03 am (UTC)
Cho Kyuhyun likes naked men who wore a pink dress till very very recently
Zhou Mi and 13157000 people died when they saw this
LOLed at almost everything. =)) super likeeee. <33
Jul. 24th, 2010 11:41 am (UTC)
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Edited at 2010-07-24 11:42 am (UTC)
Jul. 24th, 2010 01:05 pm (UTC)
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Jul. 24th, 2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
Asia likes this.

I LOL'd at everything!

Poor Leeteuk, always trying to devote himself to keeping ths children innocent. XDD
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