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Thirst [backstory]

Title: Thirst
Pairings/Characters: (in this chapter, i mean, backstory) implied!eunhae, kihae
Rating: taking little tippy-toes out of the PG-13 region 0.o
Summary: And then Donghae appears from behind some bushes, and the glow from the Christmas lights don’t reach him yet but Kibum knows that Donghae could see him already so he spreads his arms wide and grins. “Hae.” he greets.
Theme: Vamp!AU, HS!AU, dark themes, blood and gore.
Genre: general, angst, drama, romance with a bit of fluff and crack at the side.

A/N: if you‘re kinda curious about Kibum, Onew and the beginning, well, read this. But if you don‘t want to know. Then don‘t. ^^ This ain‘t a chapter, so sorry if you thought it was. It‘s just sort of like a backstory, side story, ummm, story story.

“That’s so lame.”

His breath hitches and the rose he was holding falls to the ground with a soft thud.

“Hyung, please…” he could feel his face begin to burn. “Where is he?”

Jinki scoffs.

“Ya, you plan to do this with only one rose? Tch, my brother deserves better.”

He stoops down to retrieve the rose he’s dropped and then he begins to walk away, head bent.

“But, Kibum..”

He stops walking but he still doesn’t turn around.

A heavy hand drops on his shoulder and Jinki's grinning face is suddenly in front of him.

“If you really want to impress him,”

Jinki plucks the rose from his hands and throws it over his shoulder.

“Maybe you’d need my help.”

Kibum can’t believe what he’s hearing.

“You’re going to help me?”

Jinki chuckles.

“No shit.”


“You see, his favorite color is blue.”

“I know that.”

“He likes seafood.”

“I know that too.”

“He’s kinda sentimental too so maybe you should do it in the forest where you once had your tree house.”

“That was actually my original plan.”

“Aish. Do you want my help or not?!!”

“Okay. shutting up.”



Kibum turns around and a ball of energy collides with him in the form of a human being. He couldn’t help but grin.

“Yes Hae?”

“Why have you been disappearing so much lately? Are you avoiding me?”

Donghae pouts.

“Why would I do that, Hae?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you don’t like me anymore…?”

Kibum smiles slightly and ruffles Donghae’s hair.

“I could never not like you Hae.”



“That’s the right word for it, I guess.”

They’re in a forest clearing and the place is lit up with blue Christmas lights, blinking softly like the stars which winked at them from above. The dinner table they’d arranged in the middle is simple, with only a white table cloth as its only adornment, though the blue tinge from the Christmas lights made it have a bluish glow.

“The menu today, Monsieur Kibum, is Fish fillet served on a silver platter. Unfortunately, that’s all we have since you forgot to tell me that you didn’t know how to cook and burnt dessert but I guess this is good enough.”

“Shut up.”


His lips are dry and the blood on him has encrusted, sticking his shirt to his skin in a most gruesome manner. He hasn’t slept in days and he has no plans too. Maybe if he could get out of this forest he’d step into the sunlight and end it all. But he can’t get out.

The thirst grips him.

Clutching at his throat and squeezing it till he can’t breathe.

He needs to feed soon, or he’ll die.

He doesn’t mind dying.


“What time do you think he’ll get here?”

Kibum wrings his hands as he paces.

It’s become a habit of his.

“Relax.” Jinki tells him as he makes the last minute changes to the light arrangement on the trees. “You know Hae. He’s always late.”

Kibum gives up and plops down on the ground, forgetting all about the white tuxedo he’s wearing.

“I guess you’re right.”


He’s crawling now.

There’s no hope of finding any food in this forest and he knows he looks like hell.

The lack of any rejuvenating juices in his kind cause him to look like a stick figure, one with paper skin and glass bones.

He collapses on the ground and begins to heave his last breath…

But then he gets a whiff of something different.

There’s something different in the forest.

Something alive.

Something breathing.

Something which smelled like fresh, heavenly blood.


He skips lightly down the beaten forest path with his cellphone as his only light.

“Come to our old place.” the message still alight on the screen read. “I’ll be waiting.-Kibum.”

Donghae briefly wonders why Kibum wants to see him.

Could it be that..? No-Kibum doesn’t like him that way.

Donghae’s face still breaks into a grin though.

It doesn’t matter what it is, he thinks, at least Kibum will be there.

He picks up his pace.


Kibum is smoothing out his clothes and looking over everything over once again, it’s a product of his anxiety.

“Stop worrying so much. Hae isn’t going to eat you.” Jinki quips, irritated.

“He won’t.” Kibum agrees. “But he can do something much worse.”

Jinki opens his mouth to say something, but they hear rustling coming from down the path and the tension rises in the air.

Kibum begins wringing his hands again.

Jinki snaps on the full-face mask to hide his identity and tries to look like a proper waiter.

The rustling gets louder.

Kibum holds his breath and plasters a very nervous smile on his face.

And then Donghae appears from behind some bushes, and the glow from the Christmas lights don’t reach him yet but Kibum knows that Donghae could see him already so he spreads his arms wide and grins. “Hae.” he greets.

“Blood.” Donghae says.

But wait…that isn’t Donghae’s voice.

Kibum takes an unconscious step backward, a great need to run away arising in him.

Jinki does the opposite and walks towards the intruder, forgetting that he wasn’t supposed to talk.

“Donghae?” Onew says. “You sound like you’re sick, are you alright?”

Kibum wishes he could scream at Jinki to stop.

But he doesn’t.

Then the figure snarls and Jinki screams and in a flash Kibum is left in an empty clearing with the wind whistling in his ears.



Donghae’s been walking in the forest for a long time now.

He even begins to wonder if he’s lost, what with his being distracted with shiny stones and weird tree shapes.

But then a blue haze lights up in front of him and he’s glad to know that he’s on the right path.

He wonders what the blue lights are for a second and then he decides that he’ll just see for himself.

Donghae begins to run.





Kibum doesn’t know where he’s going. All he knows is that he heard more screams from this generel direction and he had no doubt that it was Jinki he was hearing.




The screams had stopped a long time ago and Kibum doesn’t even want to know what that means.

‘Hyung?” he calls.

There is no answer.

He begins to run even faster. Ignoring the way the brambles tore at his pant legs and how mud got splattered all over his dress shoes.

“Jinki-hyung!!!” he yells again.

He stops to lean against a tree, he isn’t fit enough to take up randomly running in thick forest at night as an exercise. He tries to get his heart to start beating normally again and tries to push the thoughts of “How will I get back?” and “What is that thing?!” to the back of his mind.

He isn’t successful.

And his resolution to keep thinking that Jinki is alive is taking quite a beating too.

Especially when the tangy scent of blood invades his nose when he begins running again and he knows that lots of it has been spilt and it could only be Jinki's.

It’s when he trips over something soft in the dark and lands in a pool of warm sticky liquid that he realizes that he’s too late.

“I’m sorry.” a figure propped against the tree mumbles, and the faint light from the moon shows Kibum that this one too is covered in blood.

“I couldn’t resist.”

“Y-you killed him.” Kibum accuses, his stomach heaves as the smell of blood gets too much.

“I didn’t.” and the figure edges closer towards the light.

Kibums eyes widen as the light illuminates long fingernails and bat-like wings and the papery-thin skin. He knows this one isn’t human, and he has a feeling that he’s going to follow Jinki to the other world soon. The creature wails, revealing elongated canines to Kibum who feels goosebumps pop up all over his skin.

“I damned him.”

And then in front of Kibum's eyes, Jinki begins to stir.


Donghae arrives at the clearing with a light heart and with a smile ready on his arsenal.

“Kibummie!” he yells and jumps right in from behind some trees. “I’m sorry I’m-”

Then he stops and realizes that there’s no one there, but there’s a light melody playing from a small radio perched on top of a tree stump and an empty table with a bouquet of white roses splayed on top.

Donghae starts to get butterflies in his stomach.

He did this for me?

He walks over to the bouquet of flowers and sniffs it lightly, a small smile spreading on his lips as he inhaled the wonderful scent. He hugs it tight to him and sits down on one of the two chairs around the table, still grinning.

But then the disk in the radio gets broken and the tune begins to repeat itself, again and again and again and Donghae has to rise up to fix it but it won’t play anymore and Donghae bites his lip hoping that Kibum has another cd ready because this one just died on him.

Donghae doesn’t find another disk around him so he just goes back to his seat and waits patiently, eyeing the small spaces in between the web of blue Christmas lights in anticipation.

This is all so beautiful, he thinks, but where is Kibum?

Donghae waited, and waited and waited.

But Kibum never came.


The next time they meet, it’s next week at school and Kibum has bags under his eyes.

“Kibummie?” Donghae asks as he seats himself on Kibum's desk. “Where’ve you been?”

Kibum stares up at him.

“Go away, Donghae.”

Donghae feels a lump develop in his throat.

“What do you mean, Bum-ah?”

“Shut up and leave me alone.”

“But Bummie…” Donghae begins to plead with his puppy-dog eyes.

Kibum breaks.

“I said GO!!!”

Everyone turns to look at them but Donghae doesn’t notice. It feels as if his world is falling around him. If Kibum is mad at him, then what was that bouquet of flowers, the Christmas lights and the meeting all about? Was it because he was late?

“I’m so sorry, Kibummie,” he says hurriedly, thinking that his lateness was the reason that Kibum was suddenly very mad at him. “I should have come earlier to the clearing if I knew it would make you this mad…”

Something sparks and Kibum's eyes and Donghae thinks that he’s been forgiven and he takes a step forward, hoping to hug the taller man.

“It’s good that you didn’t go early.”

Donghae freezes and Kibum looks up at him mournfully.

“Better if you didn’t go at all.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” Donghae reaches to touch Kibum's cheek but Kibum slaps his hand away,

“Go away Lee Donghae. I don’t like you anymore.”

And then Donghae breaks as well and has to be lead away blubbering by one very angry Lee Hyukjae and later when he gets home, the police arrive and his mother locks him in his room but that doesn’t stop him from hearing what they tell his mother.

That they’ve found his brother's body in a car crash, burnt to crisp, but they’re sure it’s him and Donghae doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do anymore.

His eyes land on a bottle of pills.


“I told him that I didn’t like him today.”

“I’m sorry.”

“He cried a lot.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I think I should drop out of school now.”

“I’m so so sorry.”

“Is Onew still missing?”

“He doesn’t want to be here.”

“But he’s a newborn.”

“I know.”

“He’ll kill people.”

“I know.”

“You did this, Zhou Mi. You wrecked everything.”

“I’m sorry…”


When Donghae wakes up he thinks that he’s in heaven, but he’s terribly disappointed. The white clouds turn out to just be the white blankets of his hospital bed and the sky is just the plain white ceiling.

“You’re awake.”

He turns his head painfully and sees a familiar face beside him.

“What are you doing here, Hyukkie?”

“It doesn’t matter.” and the older man leans over and plants a kiss on his forehead as tears slide down his cheeks. “All that matters is that you never do that ever again. Promise?”

Donghae doesn’t like making people cry for his sake.

He thinks of Kibum and of Jinki and the scent of roses mixed with the night air and he holds it close to him for one last second before he lets it all go.



A/N: Sorry for the absolute suckiness of this one. It’s really rushed. Done in two hours time you see. T.T

Comments are loved. ^^

(though my heart still hurts after writing this,)


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 20th, 2010 09:16 am (UTC)
Kyuhyun was just at the wrong place in the wrong time. Mimi was hunting and well, when he caught the smell of blood and just lost it.
And Kibum pushd donghae away because of guilt, he thinks it's his fault onew got attacked.
Jul. 24th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)
this was so sad D:
Jul. 25th, 2010 03:03 pm (UTC)
now I know why KiHaw couldn't happen. Feel so sad for KibumD:
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