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Thirst [1/?]

Title: Thirst
Pairings/Characters: main!kyumin, implied!eunhae, onesided!kihae, possible!minwook (with SM stars and U-KISS)
Rating: taking little tippy-toes out of the PG-13 region 0.o
Summary: Kyuhyun is attacked in a dark alley one night, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Theme: Vamp!AU, HS!AU, dark themes, blood and gore.
Genre: general, angst, drama, romance with a bit of fluff and crack at the side.

Chapter 1

Sungmin glared balefully at his cellphone, Kyuhyun still hadn't replied to any of his texts, and Sungmin just knew that he'd sent millions of them already. How disappointing. He sighed, pocketing his cellphone and decided that he'd just get to school on his own, if Kyuhyun still wasn't there, then he'd start getting worried, but now he was almost late, and Mrs. Park didn't tolerate latecomers.

He ran out of the apartment, gave a parting wave to Mrs. Kim, who was taking her laundry out, and got on his pink bicycle. Surprisingly, Kyuhyun’s bike was still in its stand, meaning the other boy couldn't have gone very far, or maybe he'd gone on a bus and went somewhere very very far. But Sungmin didn't have the time to wonder about the other boys whereabouts, he took off, pedaling as fast as he could, hoping to get to school on time.

"Mrs. Park is going to kill me." he thought in alarm when he spied the numbers on his watch that spelled his doom. Sungmin rounded the bend that lead to his school and immediately noticed that the gates were already being closed. "Aish!" he cursed under his breath and began to angle his bike to turn away, deciding that he'd rather not go to school if he was going to be late, but, unfortunately for him, one of the other late ones already suffering under the evil eye of their principal noticed him and pointed out his presence.

"Look! It's Lee Sungmin! Hyung! Hey! Over here!"

Sungmin winced. Really. That Donghae really was such a bother. He sighed heavily when Mrs. Park called, or more like shrieked, for him to come over and he wearily got off his bike and pushed it as he headed towards them.

"Hi Hyung!" Donghae greeted when he reached them, a big smile plastered on his face. Sungmin ignored him, pouting. He could have gotten away, he thought as he examined his fingernails, but this oblivious person just had to point him out. Sigh. Mrs. Park began lecturing at them at the top of her high-pitched voice but Sungmin tuned her out completely. Instead, he began counting just how many people were unfortunate latecomers like him. There was Dongho, who never really was good with time and was a constant in the latecomers. Eunhyuk was also here, grinning at him apologetically from the other side of Donghae. He was probably Donghae's victim too, Sungmin thought. There was also a junior among them. Sungmin wasn't sure of what his name was though; all he knew was that he'd come from Canada and didn't know much Korean yet. He looked small and lost amidst them. They probably didn't do these things in Canada. Yoona was also there, standing off to the side, hands on hips and a detached look on her face and Sunny, who seemed to be the only person listening to Mrs. Parks speech, stood a bit to Yoona’s left.

"You are going to clean the school grounds until...XIAH JUNSU!" Sungmin looked up in alarm at the sudden tone change. Mrs. Park had her best "you-are-so-dead' look on and her arms were crossed on her chest as one Xiah Junsu, who had apparently attempted to escape just as Sungmin had, joined the fray.

"Hey," Xiah whispered to Sungmin once they were finally released by Mrs. Park. "Why are you late? Everybody here is a repeater, but you're a first timer right?"

Sungmin was still in a bad mood from all the bad stuff that has been happening to him so he couldn't manage a proper answer. He just pouted and gave Xiah a small nod before leaving his bike in the parking lot and trudging away to his class with the thought of detention later on weighing hard on his chest. He reached his classroom door and braced himself before entering. All eyes were on him when he slipped in and he ducked his head in shame as he felt his face become hot and he knew without a doubt that he was blushing. Thankfully, all attention was taken away from him when Donghae and Eunhyuk burst into the room as loud as they could, all smiles, or at least, Donghae did and Eunhyuk tagged along.

Happy that nobody was staring at him anymore, Sungmin went to his seat and glanced at Kyuhyun’s chair, fully expecting the younger man to be there, smiling at him, but he was disappointed to find that Kyuhyun was still a no show.


"Now that these latecomers have decided to grace us with their presence, let's get started on...."

The teacher had begun to say, but Sungmin zoned out immediately, without Kyuhyun to remind him to study hard and to entertain him with his snarky remarks, he didn't know how he'd get by. Aish, where is he?!


Kyuhyun scrambled out of the bed, forgetting that he had nothing on, and tried to get as far away from the winged man right away. His feet got tangled in the blankets he had wrapped around himself and he fell hard on the ground. But he didn't let that stop him, he struggled as he tried to loosen the blankets tight hold on him and he grew even more panicked as the blankets just wouldn't give. Zhou Mi moved to try and help him get out of the blankets but the moment Kyuhyun saw the mans dangerously long nails go so frighteningly close to him he suddenly had a flashback of ripping sounds and the salty smell of blood and a soft and chilling voice saying, "Shush, handsome one." and all of a sudden, he remembered what had happened to him last night.

He had been attacked. His shirt had been ripped to shreds and his blood had been drunk in a small, dark alleyway as he screamed for help, by this person who had wings and nails, and, if he remembered correctly, horrifyingly sharp incisors. Kyuhyun screamed again.

Fuck trying to get out of these blankets, he thought, and he pulled himself up using the wooden desk and began hopping toward the door as fast as he could. It struck him that he probably looked ridiculous with what he was doing, but hey, who cared? It was either look ridiculous and get away, or be manly and be eaten anyway.

"Hey wait!" Zhou Mi called after him, and the mere sound of the monsters voice sent shivers up and down his spine just like the way they did last night. Kyuhyun was suddenly made very aware that the weird uncomfortable coldness that crawled on his neck and down his back didn‘t come from a night of raunchy sex. Or at least, he didn’t initially get it from that. Christ, what did this...being, do to him?

"You shouldn't move around too much! You're still not-~"

But Kyuhyun was already at the door and he could actually feel the taste of victory and freedom and he reached out to open it but to his absolute horror the doorknob turned before he could even touch it. Kyuhyun took on a fighting stance immediately, the way he'd seen Sungmin do once when he'd watched his Hyung do martial arts, all the while cursing himself for not taking PE seriously. Kyuhyun just knew another one of the winged men would enter and then they would feast on his blood or do one of those dark rituals where they sacrificed virgins. If he was still one that is. What he didn't expect though, was to see someone he knew. Let alone someone who he sat next to everyday at school.



Sungmin was eating the most delicious sweet pumpkin he'd ever tasted as he lounged on a pink fluffy cloud.

"Do you want more, Minnie?" a Kangaroo with big eyebags asked him as it took out more sweet pumpkins from his pouch. Sungmin nodded happily and reached out for more. but before he could take one, the Kangaroo had turned into Donghae, who looked very very upset.

"Sungmin-Hyung! We have to run! The aliens are coming!"

"There are no aliens, Hae." Sungmin said, all the while searching for the Kangaroo who was supposed to give him sweet pumpkins, he was hungry and he didn't think Donghae was edible at all. But the Kangaroo was nowhere to be found and Sungmins tummy really hurt already. Maybe Donghae really was edible, he was a fish after all. So, Sungmin decided to take a chance and he pounced on the other boy, who was still blabbering on and on about aliens, and bit his ear.

"Ah! Sungmin-Hyung! what are you doing!!! Sungmin! Sungmin!"

And then they were both falling and Sungmin regretted leaving his fluffy pink cloud for a second before he closed his eyes as he relished the sweet taste of...blue stuffing? He checked again. Yes, it was blue stuffing, and the inside of Donghae's head seemed to be filled to the brim with it instead of the brain and blood Sungmin was expecting. Sungmin took a split second to contemplate on the weirdness of it all, but then, oh well, it tasted like tuna anyway. He shrugged and bit right in again hungrily. Meanwhile, Donghae kept on screaming his name.

"Sungmin! Sungmin! Sungmin! Hyung, wake up!"


Sungmin blinked blearily up at the fuzzy figures around him. He had fallen asleep halfway through their Algebra class and the room was already half-empty. He stretched out, yawning and rubbed his eyes with both hands.

"Finally, Hyung! You're awake!!" Donghae, the guy who he had just attempted to eat in his dream, said happily as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

"We were going out to eat, and, Kyuhyun isn't here, so we thought, well, Donghae thought we should take you with us. If you want to." Eunhyuk explained as if afraid his hyperactive friend would mess it all up.

"uhh, sure." Sungmin said, standing up and grabbing his bag. He followed the two out of the classroom but he really wasn't paying any attention to where he was going, he rifled through his bag as he walked and he brought out his glittery pink cell phone. He looked expectantly at the screen, but there were still no texts from Kyuhyun. Sigh.

"Yo, over here!" Donghae was calling out to him because he had lagged behind. Donghae pointed at the table they'd chosen and motioned for Sungmin to come over.

"Listen, Donghae." Sungmin said once he reached the table, he still wasn't feeling happy after a short nap and the rumbling of his stomach which hadn't disappeared even when he was already awake wasn't making the matters any better. "Do you taste like tuna?"

"No!" Donghae said immediately, scandalized, and then his expression turned contemplative, "or at least, I don't think so. What do you think Hyukkie? What do I taste like?" he suddenly rounded on the poor unsuspecting Eunhyuk, who turned a very bright red at the question.

"What do you t-taste like?!" Eunhyuk stuttered at the absurd question. " I don't know. Chicken?" He shot Sungmin a glare that clearly told Sungmin that this was all his fault. Sungmin’s spirits rose up. He feigned an innocent wide-eyed look and Eunhyuk glared even more.

"Well, I’ll leave you to answer that question. I'll just get some food. I'm starving!" and Sungmin left just like that. Leaving a stuttering Eunhyuk and an eager-faced Donghae behind as they began arguing on whether or not Donghae tasted like chicken. People were beginning to stare at them.

"Ah, Kyu, they never do change." he muttered, and then he remembered that Kyu wasn't there. Sungmin laughed mockingly at himself, he'd gotten so close to Kyu that he couldn't even last a day without him. How pathetic is that?!

He decided that today would be his test drive, to see just how long he could stand being without Kyu. It wasn't as if he really needed Kyu. they were just friends, classmates and roommates, nothing more and nothing less. But still, Sungmin couldn't hold off this nagging worry that kept on coming up with wild speculations on where Kyu could be and what could have happened to him.

Who knows, he might've been abducted by aliens, Sungmin thought, remembering his weird dream and then shaking his head in amusement.

"Impossible. What would aliens want from him? Cheat codes?"

Sungmin didn't know that he wasn't too far off the mark.

A few shouts, scuffles and painful blows later, Kyuhyun was sitting back on the bed holding an icepack to the sizeable lump on his head with a half-amused half-angry Kibum sitting in front of him.

"Are you one of them Kibum?" Kyuhyun asked with narrowed eyes, not quite sure if he should trust his seatmate yet, even though he had gotten Zhou Mi to leave the room, and Kyuhyun was very very thankful for that.

Kibum’s amusement disappeared and his anger took on full front, but it was also overshadowed by another emotion, one Kyuhyun couldn't understand. For a moment there Kyuhyun thought that Kibum even looked sad, but why would he have a reason to feel sad? It was ridiculous. But before Kyuhyun could read fully into that mysterious emotion, it disappeared and Kibum’s amusement resurfaced.

"Tell me, Kyuhyun. Do I have wings?" Kibum snarkily replied, lifting an eyebrow

"No." Kyuhyun said irritably, gritting his teeth as his head gave a particularly painful throb. "But, what are you doing here if you're not with them?"

"I can't tell you that." Kibum said, looking guiltily away. Kyuhyun glared. "Ah, don't worry they'll tell you someday." he added nonchalantly as if he thought it would appease the other man.

Kyuhyun was suddenly very alarmed. "Who are 'they'? and why are they going to have a chance to tell me 'someday'?" he made particular emphasis on the words 'they' and 'someday' "You mean you're not going to get me out of here? I need to get back to the apartment right away! Sungmin would be so mad because I didn't get back last night and-"

"You're not going back to Sungmin, Kyuhyun." Kibum cut him off, "You're not leaving this place for a few more months...at the very least"

"What the hell are you talking about Kim Kibum?!" Kyuhyun shouted, throwing his icepack away in his shock and anger. Kibum winced when the icepack just narrowly missed hitting his right cheek

"It's more for Sungmin’s protection than yours Kyuhyun believe me." Kibum said, backing away slightly as he tried to reason out with the irritable man, "Any day now the transformations going to start, and even I won't be able to see you." Kibum spoke in such a know-it-all fashion that Kyuhyun just couldn't help but be irritated. He would've pointed out this irritating fact to Kibum but one of the other mans words made him do a double take.

"Transformation?" he mouthed, wide-eyed, and Kibum, to Kyuhyun’s frustration, didn't offer any explanation and only nodded fervently.

"What transformation?! What are you talking about?!" Kyuhyun was getting even more agitated and a clutch of fear began at the bottom of his heart. He wouldn't be seeing Sungmin for months? He'd begin transforming? He doesn't mean that he's going to turn into one of those winged…things? No, that couldn't be possible.

"Before I start explaining, could you do me a favor?" Kibum said, back to Kyuhyun as he rummaged in the closet.

"What?!" Kyuhyun growled as his head began killing him again, throwing the icepack was definitely not one of his best ideas, and Kibum not trying to help him made matters worse

"Please. Put on some clothes." Kibum said, throwing a pair of trousers and a loose sweatshirt at him, face scrunched up in disgust.

"Oh." Kyuhyun meeped, he'd forgotten that he only had a thin white blanket keeping Kibum from seeing all of him All anger dissipating from him, as his face turned an embarrassing shade of bright red. "okay."

When Kyuhyun was fully dressed and quite sure that he wasn't as bright as a tomato anymore , he called Kibum back into the room.

"So, can you start explaining now?" he asked the moment Kibum took his first step inside the room.

"Sure," Kibum acquiesced once he'd sat himself down . "Shoot."

Kyuhyun had a lot of questions that he wanted answered, ranging from "What are you doing here?" to "What transformation?" and "What the hell are those winged things?!", but he decided to ask the most pressing one first.

"Where are my clothes?"

Kibum just had to stifle a chuckle.

"They're in the dryer, Kyu. We had to wash them because they were drenched in blood, Zhou Mi tore your back into shreds." despite Kibums mention of blood and other morbid things, Kyuhyun found himself letting out a sigh of relief. So, he was still a virgin. That was good news, and Kyuhyun immediately felt a teeny bit happier. Unfortunately, Kibum heard his little sigh and he lifted his eyebrows. " Zhou Mi thought you'd be more traumatized waking up covered in blood rather than naked, you know. I'm not sure if he was right though." Kyuhyun winced, it looks like Kibum knew exactly what was on his mind. Oh man, he could feel the blush coming in again. He had to change the subject, and fast. He didn't think he could bear Kibums amused stare for so long.

"Wait, he tore my back to shreds?" Kyuhyun grasped at the first topic he could think of. "How come I can't feel it? Except for this tingling sensation, like, cold ants, walking up and down my neck, but there's definitely no pain."

Kibum immediately became solemn, and Kyuhyun couldn't help but start feeling nervous. The cold-crawling-ant feeling on his neck and back suddenly became very pronounced, as if it was eager to remind him that something out of the ordinary happened to it, something terrible.

"That's because vampire-related injuries heal quickly. In the outside at least."

It took a moment for Kyuhyun to fully grasp all that Kibum said, and when he finally understood, it felt like his feet had left solid ground and the room was flying around him. Kyuhyun had never fainted before, but if there was a time that he ever wanted to faint, it would be now.

"V-vampire?" Kyuhyun repeated weakly. "T-that man is...a vampire?"

"Yeah." Kibum was suddenly beside Kyuhyun, holding the other mans shoulders with his eyebrows knitted in concern. Maybe he looked as green as he felt.

"No. I'm okay." Kyuhyun said, pushing Kibum away even as he tried to even out his breathing. "I'm okay. I just need to think. But, Kibum, vampires?!" he could feel the incredulity coming in now that he'd calmed down a bit.

"But, he has wings, Kibum. Vampires don't have wings. They have fangs and pearly skin and they burn in the sunlight, don't they Kibum." he was half-pleading for Kibum to tell him that this was all a joke.

"What kind of wings does he have, Kyuhyun? They're not birds wings so they can't be angels."

"Bat wings." Kyuhyun whispered, fear finally showing in his eyes as he remembered how he'd thought that Zhou Mi was an oversized bat at first when the vampire had begun chasing him. So that's how the vampire-can-turn-into-a-bat legend begun. They had wings. So they were really vampires. Kyuhyun suddenly felt like he was going to be sick.

"and he drank my blood." Kyuhyun said, becoming even more fearful, he had a hunch about what exactly the 'transformation' that Kibum mentioned entailed, but he could still hope. "but I’m still alive, right?"

"Actually, no." Kibum answered.

"No what? No he didn't drink my blood? No, I'm not alive? No he's not a vampire? What?" he was rambling and he knew it. He wasn't used to being flustered, and he didn't like it one bit.

Kibum took a deep breath and looked Kyuhyun straight in the eye before he answered his question slowly. "No, Kyuhyun. You're not alive."

The violent reaction was immediate.

"You're lying!" Kyuhyun yelled, pushing Kibum against the wall. His eyes crazed and his breath coming in short gasps. "I'm talking to you right now aren't I? I'm breathing, see." he grabbed Kibum’s hand and breathed on it. "I can see you and hear you and talk to you. I can't be dead. I can move." and he shook Kibum to prove his point. "And my heart." he grabbed Kibum’s hand and placed it against his chest so that they could both feel it beating. "my heart is still..." but then, he realized that there was no beating coming.

"Is...?" Kibum prompted, raising his eyebrows.

His heart wasn't beating. neither him nor Kibum could feel it. He really was dead. Kyuhyun fell back down on the bed in disbelief.

'No, this isn't happening.' he thought, 'This can't be happening. this isn't real. I’m dreaming. I'm dreaming. this is a nightmare. I'm alive. I'm in the apartment with Sungmin and he cooked black bean ramen and I’m alive.'

"No you're not."

Kyuhyun hadn't realized that he'd been saying his thoughts out loud. he continued pressing his chest with one hand, still not willing to accept the truth. Beat, darn you, he thought, beat. But the beating wouldn't come.

"You're not alive. But you're not dead either." Kibum’s voice seemed to be coming from far far away. "More like, you're existing. But not alive."

Kyuhyun shook his head weakly, but he didn't remove his hand from his chest. Kibum went over to him and pulled the blankets over him.

"I think you need to rest for now." he said, "Sleep. When you wake up things will look clearer." and Kibum made to leave the room.

"But Sungmin...he doesn't...I don't." Kyuhyun couldn't piece his thoughts together coherently.

Kibum took pity on him.

"Maybe you can call him. One last time. Listen to his voice and then say all you want to say. But after that Kyuhyun, you can't come near him again. You might lose it. You might kill him, drink his blood and all that. But still, call him, tomorrow and after that " Kibum pinched the bridge of his nose as if trying to ward off a headache. "We have to fake your death."

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A/N: We visited our past teacher from high school last Wednesday. It was…fun. It was like a high school reunion.

Kisungie (my friend) and I fangirled over our old batch mate because he suddenly looked like Taemin from SHINee.

Then this happened when we were getting ready to go home.
Arisa: Hey! I haven't seen you for so long!
Tai: I missed you!
Arisa: I missed you too!
*Kisungie suddenly appears*
Kisung: Tai! Look!
*all turn to look and see a home address plate with the #'s 157*
Kisung & Tai: OMO! 1, 5, & 7!!!
Tai: Teuk, Kang, and Min!
Kisung: It's the parents!
Tai: But why include the baby?!
Kisung: I'm so scandalized.
Arisa: *looks at Tai and Kisung* huh? O.o
Tai: I don't like it!
Kisung: Just take it as 15 & 7!
TaI: Oh! Mimin!
Kisung: Yes! Mimin!
Tai: It's all better now.
Arisa: *is bewildered* I didn't understand a single thing.
Tai & Kisung: *giggles*


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Jul. 3rd, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
Andwae, kyu can't be separated with ming..
I want more ~ more ~
It's interesting.
Jul. 11th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
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thank you for reading!
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Jul. 11th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)
thanks for reading!

i already updated and i fail for only replying nao.


Jul. 3rd, 2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
NU Kyu cant be faking his death he has to be with minnie though, it'll prolly happen anyways
now i'm curious bout bummie........ >>
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awww, don't cry.

bummie is a mysterious dork.

i find it funny that i only replied to your comment here now.

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Jul. 3rd, 2010 07:08 pm (UTC)
Oh, that last line! It made me so depressed! Poor Kyu.

Jul. 11th, 2010 04:40 am (UTC)
awwww, don't be depressed.

i hope the next chapter makes you happier.

it's already up. ^^
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 11th, 2010 04:41 am (UTC)
you always ignore that there's one!kihae, everybody does.

hehehe, i love my friends!convo too.

it happens a lot.

Kisung and i have our own world. hhahHAHA
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nyaaa :3
I hope all will be well for KyuMin ♥
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unfortunately. yes. *is sad too*
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