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Second Chances [2/?]

Title: Second chances [2/?]
Pairing: KyuMin, other pairings
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst, romance, humor
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: When he died, Kyuhyun lost the will to live. Will he find it again after they're given a second chance?

“Kyuhyun, I thought you didn’t like Mr. Wibbles”

Kyuhyun froze.

That voice. He’d know that voice anywhere. That gentle way of speaking, the pauses, and the way ‘Kyu’ was said. It was all unique to one person.

“Sungmin,” he breathed, eyes wide.

He didn’t dare turn around, even as his entire being begged him to do so. He knew this wasn’t possible. Sungmin was dead. Kyuhyun had witnessed the funeral a few hours ago. Sungmin couldn’t be standing behind him at this very moment, logic told him this. But even as he told himself that he was probably just suffering from hallucination, he pleaded in his heart that it was reality; that when he’d turn around, he’d find Sungmin there, smiling down at him. But he was afraid that maybe, if he did turn around, he’d find nothing and it’d hurt even more.

So he stayed put, trembling hands clutching ‘Mr. Wibbles’ as he waited for a another sign that someone was in the room with him; ears strained as he tried to keep his heart quiet so that he could hear through the pounding in his ears.

“Why do you sound so shocked?”

Kyuhyun stopped breathing when he heard the voice again. Hallucinations don’t usually happen more than once. Kyuhyun stiffened when he saw the bed dip as another weight was added to it. The sheets ruffled and shifted as another body rested on them and then small hands were wrapping around Kyuhyun’s midsection and the warmth of a human body huddled against his back.

“If you wanted Mr. Wibbles, you could have just asked.”

“Sungmin?” Kyuhyun said again, tears blurring his vision as he choked the syllables out.


He couldn’t take it any more. Kyuhyun flung the bunny away from him and turned around, ready to throw himself sobbing into his arms, to nuzzle the other’s soft hair, to demand how he was here and who they had buried if he was really alive and how dare did he do that to them for a week and then he could go back to being his cold self and everything could go back to normal.

But things didn’t go the way he thought it would. His arms found no purchase in thin air. There was nothing to hug beside him, no warmth, no voice, no Sungmin.

It had all been his hallucination after all.


Breakfast the next day was a quiet affair. Ryeowook hadn’t had the energy to cook yet. Though Kyuhyun was sure the the smaller man would bake batches and batches of cupcakes as a stress reliever.

Eunhyuk was at the dorm, probably sleeping in with Donghae like he always did when he was depressed. Yesung and Eeteuk were both already gone (Eeteuk for Sukira and Yesung off to practice for a musical he was supposed to co-star in with Sungmin). So it was only Kyuhyun in the kitchen, hunched over a bowl of month-old cereal he scavenged, chewing moodily as he stared blankly ahead.

The corn flakes were stale and the milk turned rancid, but Kyuhyun didn’t want to fix anything else for himself. It took too much time and effort. But before long, the taste in his mouth was so disgusting that he couldn’t ignore it anymore. He pushed the bowl away with face scrunched and he stood up. He’d just ask Ryeowook to cook for him, he decided.

So he walked over to Ryeowook and Yesung’s shared room and stood in front of their door. Hoping that Ryeowook was already awake, he raised his hand to rap on the door. But then he heard something that made him pause, just before his knuckles brushed against the polished wood.


Ryeowook was crying inside his room.

Kyuhyun let his hand fall back to his side, eyebrows knitting together as he debated on whether he should go in and comfort the other man or not. A voice at the back of his mind told him to turn away, that he’d only make matters worse. He was pessimistic, snarky, and just not good with emotions, period. He wouldn’t be able to help Ryeowook even if wanted to so he ambled back into he kitchen, bracing himself with the bowl of cereal he knew was waiting for him.

He pushed the door open sluggishly, but then a wonderful smell hit him and his eyes widened. Who’d left a pot of black bean ramen on the table? No one else was in the dorm.

Kyuhyun hovered over it, smiling slightly. He wouldn’t have to force him to guzzle down all the cereal. It was then that he spotted the little piece of pink paper pinned down by the pot to the table. Something was written on it, and the hand writing was haunting familiar to him.


The note started.

Had to leave early for practice. ^^
Sorry I was only able to cook ramen, but it’s better than that bowl of cereal you were eating.
How can you even eat that stuff?!
Eat my ramen in pleasure and maybe later I can treat you out to lunch! :3

Kyuhyun’s heart ached at the familiarity of the note. But what really caught his attention was the signature at the end, dotted with hearts and another smiley face were the words:
~Your Min <3

Kyuhyun felt lost for a moment as he looked down on the note. It was solid and the ramen was real, so this wasn’t another hallucination of his, and for a moment, he let himself hope. Then reality cruelly crashed down on him as logic told him that once again, this simply wasn’t possible, and he was suddenly filled with fiery rage.

If this was someone’s idea of a practical joke, they were sick. Sungmin was dead. They shouldn’t use his name. They should just leave his memory in peace. Kyuhyun’s vision darkened. He grabbed the pot of ramen, uncaring that it scalded his hand because it was still steaming hot, and emptied it in the sink. The soup splashed everywhere, and the pot slipped out of Kyuhyun’s reddening hands and clattered unto the sink with a loud crash.

Kyuhyun sank down on the floor, breathing heavily. His hands felt like they were on fire, but his heart hurt more than his hands ever would. He’d have to tell the members off later, because this just wasn’t funny.

He ate cereal for breakfast that morning.


Later that day, Kyuhyun walked into the dressing room, eyes overcast. He ignored how everybody stopped what they were doing, staring as he walked over to his make-up noona and tapped her on the shoulder to inform her that he was ready to have his make-up applied already. The noona looked flustered and she eyed him unsurely with big eyes filled with pity before moving away to gather her supplies. Kyuhyun hated it. He didn’t need pity. Behind him, the members had congregated in a small circle, heads together as they whispered and shot him furtive glances. Kyuhyun waited silently for them to come up with a verdict as he sat on his chair, and soon enough, Eeteuk broke off from the main group and headed in his direction.

“Kyuhyun-ah,” he greeted, straddling the chair beside Kyuhyun. He only grunted in response as the make-up noona was applying powder on his nose.

Eeteuk attempted to smile but all he managed was a small grimace, he skipped the pleasantries and went right to the point.

“Didn’t manager-hyung say that it was okay if you didn’t perform today?” he said slowly, “You don’t have to do this.”

Kyuhyun immediately felt irritated.

“I’m fine, Eeuteuk. I’ll perform,” he said with a tone of finality.

“But Kyuhyun-ah,” Eeteuk argued, “The burial was just yesterday. You don’t need to push yourself…”

Kyuhyun’s eyes flashed. He knocked the make-up noona’s hand out of the way and glared at his leader.

“I don’t need special attention,” he growled out. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him but frankly, he couldn’t care less. “Sungmin is…was important to all of us equally,” his voice almost broke when he said Sungmin’s name and at the finality of the past tense that he used but he still managed to keep himself together.

Eeteuk looked like he didn’t know what to say. He was biting his bottom lip incessantly and his eyes made Kyuhyun feel very uncomfortable, like Eeteuk was telling him that he didn’t believe him when he said Sungmin was important to him only just as much as he was to them. Or maybe it was just Kyuhyun’s guilty mind, nagging at him inside for lying and making things worse for himself.

Kyuhyun found himself needing to prove why he needed to be there. He tried another tactic and softened his expression.

“Besides, hyung,” he said, almost wimping at the unwilling use of the honorific, “We’re already missing four. We can’t perform with only eight.”

“Fine,” Eeuteuk finally gave in, realizing that they were already so few. “But after this, no more interviews for you.”

Kyuhyun grunted, happy that Eeteuk had finally let go of the issue. He allowed the make-up noona to start fixing him up again and slowly, everybody stopped staring and went back to what they were doing before he had arrived. He rolled his eyes.

They shouldn’t be concerned at all. In fact, they should be happy.

Sungmin would want them to continue Super Junior as complete as they could be after all.


“It wasn’t funny.”

Heechul looked up from his twitter grumpily. The Music bank performance had gone well. Fans had waved Sungmin posters and ‘We love you Sungmin-oppa’ signs and many of them had cried again. They had won the award for the 3rd time and Heechul was probably thanking all the fans through twitter or something like that. Normally, people wouldn’t bother Heechul when he’s on his twitter, but Kyuhyun wasn’t afraid of his hyung.

“Yah, what are you talking about?” Heechul whined, eyes flashing.

Kyuhyun ground his teeth.

“You know what I’m talking about. Don’t. It doesn’t help.”

He turned around and made to walk away but a hand shot up and grabbed him by his shoulders.

“Aish,” Heechul cursed. “Just tell me what you mean already. I didn’t do anything.”

“Tch. Like I believe you.”

“Really now. Do I look guilty to you?” Heechul said, spreading his arms wide.

“Yes.” Kyuhyun deadpanned.

“Now now maknae. Didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders face.” Heechul wagged in Kyuhyun’s face.

Kyuhyun batted it away. “I don’t respect those who use the dead for their practical jokes.”

Heechul lost his playful grin and sobered up, eyebrows creasing. Kyuhyun could tell that he was going to ‘hyung mode’. He frowned. Did Heechul really not know?

“What do you mean?” Heechul asked tenderly, or as tender as one like Heechul could be.

“You mean it wasn’t you who left that black bean ramen in the kitchen?” Kyuhyun asked, heart in throat.

“No. Why? What does that have to do with anything eh?”

“There was a note from Sungmin and…Aish, I shouldn’t be telling you this. You’ll only make fun of me,” Kyuhyun grumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. If Heechul didn’t do it then, who did?

“A note from Sungmin?” Heechul repeated, looking as incredulous as any person could be.

“Forget it,” Kyuhyun said, turning away yet again. He was able to reach the door before Heechul spoke again.

“Listen, Kyuhyun,” Heechul’s voice was quiet and small for once, “ This…this note thing. It isn’t true, alright. You shouldn’t believe it. Listen, maybe it was just your imagination. I know you love Sungmin…”

“I don’t love him.”

“You didn’t tell that you loved him, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t love him.”

“Everybody knows that you do. Hell, even the fans know.”

“I don’t.”

“Keep believing that Kyuhyun.”

He stepped outside, slamming the door behind him. He pinched his nose as he tried to ward off his tears.

He didn’t love Sungmin.



It was already at half past one in the afternoon and he still didn’t have an answer to his question. He flipped past channels grumpily as he tried to find something to draw his mind away from Sungmin, but so far, it hadn’t worked.

A man playing a guitar.

Sungmin writing a song deep into the night as he strummed on his pink guitar.

Halloween in the stage and how they celebrated it.

How Sungmin squealed over sweet pumpkins.

Cheat codes for ‘Tekken’.

Sungmin could bust those same moves that Lili just did.

The making of the Romeo and Juliet play in Broadway.

Sungmin was a musical actor too…


Kyuhyun turned the TV off. He fell backwards into the couch and rubbed his eyes as he tried to clear his head. Why he was even thinking about whether he loved someone at a time like this, he didn’t know. Even if he did love that person, it was too late. Far too late.

He heard the door swing open and someone bounded in. Kyuhyun didn’t bother to open his eyes, his tears might fall and he’d have another over-concerned someone fawning over him.

Tch, tch, he wasn’t a baby, no matter how very very old some of them were.

“Kyu-ah! I’m sorry I’m late!”

Kyuhyun shot up from where he lay. Eyes wide. There is was again, that same gentle voice.

Was he going insane?

He really was beginning to doubt his sanity when the door to the living room opened and a man stepped in. A man with dark, side-parted hair covering half of his face. Pale skin. Big eyes. Pouty lips.

Kyuhyun’s mouth went dry.


Sungmin immediately spotted him and skipped over to where he was, a wide grin on his face. Kyuhyun remained frozen. The older man crouched down next to him.

“Are you hungry? I’m really sorry Kyu, for some reason none of the taxis would stop for me. So I had to walk,” Sungmin pouted. “It was really really tiring.”

He puffed out his cheeks.

Kyuhyun stared.

“What?” Sungmin asked, cocking his head to one side, wide eyes filling with concern, “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”

Kyuhyun could only hear the beating of his heart as he watched Sungmin. This couldn’t be true, he told himself. Just like Heechul had said, none of this was true. But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t enjoy it while he can. He tried to memorize every single detail in Sungmin’s newly animated self, even as his eyes began to blur with unshed tears.


Sungmin poked Kyuhyun’s cheeks.

“Kyu, are you alright? You look like you’re about to cry. Is there something wrong?”

Kyuhyun wasn’t able to stop his tears from overflowing, and soon, they were trickling down his cheeks. Sungmin looked alarmed. He crawled closer to Kyuhyun and wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun’s head. Nuzzling his hair as he made hushing noises.

“Hush Kyubear… Don’t cry.”

Kyuhyun hugged Sungmin’s back. Marveling at the solidity, the warmth, the Sungmin he had in his arms. Was this real?

“I’m here.”

And so he was. The vanilla scent was back and it was the best perfume Kyuhyun had ever inhaled. He pressed his face against Sungmin’s chest, breathing in his scent as he held the other man close. For some reason, due to some unknown glitch in the universe, Sungmin was back.

Kyuhyun smiled.


Later on, when the tears had subsided and they had pulled away, Kyuhyun had accepted Sungmin’s alive status as a fact. Though he still held the other man close, afraid that he’d disappear again at any moment. Sungmin was still confused about everything that was happening, but he smilingly stayed at Kyuhyun’s side, laying his head on the other man’s shoulder as Kyuhyun ran his fingers through Sungmin’s hair.

“Why are you here?” Kyuhyun asked after a few minutes of comfortable silence, and then he cursed himself. Of all the questions to ask, he’d had to ask that one first.

Sungmin grinned.

“Didn’t I tell you I was gonna treat you out to lunch?”


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A/N: Gwaah! I think it all happened way too fast. Um, so, Kyumin!date next chappie. XDDDDDDDD
And yes, i know that the first chapter or prologue or whatever that was called was over angst but this is also labeled as humor guys. it won’t be angst all the way through but i can tell you that the last chapter will have the same format as chapter 1.
and drama
i <3 drama

A/N II: Sorry but i don't know when i'll be able to update next. There's the U-KISS concert on monday, first day of college on tuesday and then i start living in the dorms where there's wifi but i don't have the password so it's still useless. T.T. But i'll be able to write! I just won't be able to post that often. T.T


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Jun. 12th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC)
SPOT!OKay this is scary....but then i think maybe sungmin plan to make himself die when actually he's alive to make kyu realize that he love sungmin...
Jun. 12th, 2010 07:26 am (UTC)

You're so ninja!

and, you'll find out soon!

thank you for reading!

Jun. 12th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
haha i'm your ninja...LOL...*huggles you*
Jun. 12th, 2010 07:20 am (UTC)
woah~~~is minnie alive or dead or just dear kyunnie is having a hallucination??? woah~~~okie...update soon^^ *huggles*
Jun. 12th, 2010 07:27 am (UTC)
none of the above.

hahaha, did i just make it more confusing. O.o, IDEK.

yes, i will try to update soon!! *huggles back*

thanks for reading!
Jun. 12th, 2010 08:33 am (UTC)
this is really a mystery... i want to know more..
why you don't have the pass?
i want you to update so badly..
Jun. 12th, 2010 08:43 am (UTC)
Yes update!!
Kyu having hallucination?? O.O
Minnie dead or alive?? O.O
so confusing..
but I'll wait for the next chap!
Jun. 12th, 2010 10:25 am (UTC)
I.. uh.. am lost of words.

I cannot really describe if I should be happy that Sungmin is back but it's a good thing for Kyuhyun so he could find the guts to do everything he haven't done for Min!
Jun. 12th, 2010 01:10 pm (UTC)

Firstly. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!
*runs around maniacally in a circle*

Oh my goodness, I have a feeling Sungmin would be alive in the end.
But that might be because I'm in denial and I can't accept the fact that Min is dead.
But Kyuhyun is hallucinating because he loves Min right?
Even if I think that I'm still holding onto the fact that Min is alive.
The funeral was a lie!
He was mistaken for someone else!
Kyuhyun is currently having a dream!
Kyuhyun's the one who got hurt! He's in hospital! He'll wake up an realize Min is safe!
Sungmin is alright...T_T Or so I want to believe.

Ah D:< I should stop confusing myself, I should have known when I read "angst" on the front cover...

It could all be a plan to trick Kyuhyun!
But what a cruel trick to play...
It's terrible! Even Heechul can't do something this badass!

Maybe Kyuhyun's mentally retarded!
Although that's a scenario I prefer not to be true...

ARG! I can't wait *runs around some more*
I love your fic!
Please write more soon~
Jul. 2nd, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)
*reads really long comment*


Jun. 12th, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC)
I'm happy that Minnie is the same with Kyu but as reality hits the other members, Minnie is dead. If you said that Minnie is neither dead or alive or that Kyu is having hallucinations....
Does Minnie doesn't know that he is dead?
And Kyu is the only one who can see him?
Waahhh! I'm so confused! I want an update soon! DX
Jun. 12th, 2010 02:25 pm (UTC)
I have a feeling that Sungmin is really dead. /kills self
But he still hasn't went to heaven because he still has things to accomplish. Make Kyuhyun understand, and stuff... WAIT.

Will this have the same story line as If Only~?
Fuck if it is I am going to cry forrealz. T________________T
I love that movie like shit and I will really cry... DDDDDD:

Continue with the fic! ^^
Happy happy with this~ <3
Jun. 12th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC)
...what's happening?!
is it just me or is anyone else crying while reading this?
...gahh it's saddening to read a sad kyu.
and even more saddening to read a gone sungmin.
but is it a ghost, a memory, a hallucination?
hmm...can't wait for more!

thank you for writing!^^
Jul. 25th, 2010 03:48 am (UTC)
*burst into tears* Min.. Were they really you? You know, maybe I felt the same way with what Kyu felt. I mean, he was afraid that Min would be gone anytime, and I'm too. I'm afraid Min wouldn't be at Kyu's side again. *sobs* *wipe tears and run to next chappie*
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