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Title: Asphalt
Rating: R
Summary: The horror spreads.

RIng around the rosies.

A pocket full of posies.

To ashes.

To ashes.

We all fall down/



My name is Harry. I am six years old.

I live in a small house by the sea.

The sea is pretty. My house is small.

I don’t like my house. But my family is poor.

Daddy is a builder, he builds many things. I want to build many things too when I grow up.

Mummy is a playmate. She brings people home and they play a lot. They give her lots of money when its time to go home.

I wonder if Mummy will play with me too if I give her Mr. Bear.

Mr. Bear is my only friend…

Will he be mad if I give him away?


Two bodies writhing on the floor.

Moans of pleasure.

Hisses of pain.

A burly man bursts through the door.

The two bodies draw away.



He grabs the woman and pulls her away.

There’s a struggle.

He lashes out.


One body writhing on the floor.


Mummy didn’t come home today.

Did she get lost?

I got lost too when I was small.

It was scary.

Do you think Mummy is scared?


A little boy hugs his knees closer to his body as he shivers in a corner.

His clothes are thin.

The house is drafty.

His Father still hasn’t come home.

A slam of a door.

The lights blink on.

‘Daddy?’ he says, and he crawls out of his space.

But there is no response.


I’m hungry.

I ate all the bread that Daddy left before he said: ‘bye bye’

I hope that Daddy will find Mummy soon and come back.

I don’t like being alone.


It’s in the dead of the night when the police lights blare.

Near a house beside the sea.

The townsfolk gather around the scene.

The rest run while covering their face.

‘What is this officer? What happened?’ a balsy one dared to ask.

The one spoken to didn’t answer, but he stood to the side and gave the one who asked a clear view of what had transpired.

A broken body.

A shock of red.

The blood draws out of his face.


It was very noisy last night.

I couldn’t go to sleep.

Mr. Bear was mad too.

He wanted to scream at all the people outside.

I said, ‘No’.

Mr. Bear didn’t like that very much.


A man stumbles unto the sidewalk and collapses on the ground.

He groans.

His knees are scraped.

He draws some blood.

He shouldn’t have drunk that night.


Daddy is still gone.

Where did he go?

I miss Mummy and Daddy.

Maybe they don’t like me anymore.

Maybe that’s why they left me.

Mr. Bear says I should forget them.

Should I do what Mr. Bear says?

Do Mummy and Daddy really not like me anymore?


“The bodies are piling up.”

The younger man is shaking in his boots.

The detective looks up from the splatters of blood and body organs on the ground.

“I know.” he says in his gravelly voice.

He doesn’t say anything else.

The other man scrunches up his face and looks away as the detective carefully picks at a piece of unidentifiable human flesh with his medical tweezers and slides it into a plastic bag.

“Why are you acting so emotionless?”

The detectives eyes flash but he doesn’t respond.

He walks towards their van and throws his evidence in.

Leather against asphalt echoes down the barren streets.

“In our line of profession emotion is something trivial.”

He stalks toward the younger man until their faces are a hairsbreadth away.

“We have no need for it ’Mr. Thomas’.”


My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.

But Daddy still isn’t back.

I don’t think Daddy will ever come back.

Ever ever ever.

But maybe Mummy will still come back.

Mummy loves me.

Isn’t that right Mr. Bear?


The moon is NOT full.

A ragged figure runs through the streets.

Bandages trailing behind it.




“Stop right there Ma’am!”

A patrolling officer calls out.

He shines his light on her.

He never sees light again.


Mr. Bear was right.

Mummy did return.

Mummy does love me.

She loves me very very much.

I am very happy now.


He’s alone in his drab office room.

The phone rings.

He picks it up.

Frantic shouts from the other end of the line.

His brow creases.

“Another one?” he asks.

A grunt of confirmation.

The man slumps in his chair.

“How far did they go this time?”

Gruesome details.

Shaking hands.

He empties his stomach in the toilet later on.


Mummy changed.

She won’t let me out when I want to play.

She won’t open the window.

It’s hot.

I’m hungry.

Mummy won’t feed me.

Did I do something wrong?


"I've been hearing moans in there."

a woman says to her husband as they pass by.

He looks up and stares.

At the lonely shack tilting to meet the sea.

"That's ridiculous."

he says.

He throws an arm over her and pulls her away.

"No one's lived there in years."


A/N: this is here because a friend of mine wanted to see some of my original fiction, this isn't finished either just because.

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Sorry for spamming. ^^