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Thirst [6/?]

Title: Thirst
Pairings/Characters: main!kyumin, implied!eunhae, onesided!kihae, possible!minwook (with SM stars and U-KISS)
Rating: taking little tippy-toes out of the PG-13 region 0.o
Summary: Kyuhyun is attacked in a dark alley one night, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Theme: Vamp!AU, HS!AU, dark themes, blood and gore.
Genre: general, angst, drama, romance with a bit of fluff and crack at the side.

Chapter 6

Sungmin was kept in a holding cell till morning. It was boring, but Sungmin was more miffed by the fact that they didn’t even allow him to wash off the blood that had now dried on his hand and shoes. Or so he told himself to distract from the thought of whose blood that was he had stepped in.

‘Not Kyuhyun’s.’ he told himself, ‘definitely not Kyuhyun’s.’

He ignored the nagging at the back of his head that asked him that if the blood wasn’t Kyu’s, then, why was his cell phone there? It just couldn’t be Kyu’s. But if it wasn’t his blood then that meant that it was Kyuhyun who had harmed the person who had bled to death. But no, Sungmin couldn’t imagine his best friend doing that either. He didn’t like what the facts presented to him, so he just ignored his situation and focused on fretting about the ugly stains the blood was going to leave on his shoes.

The door finally swings open.

“So, what does our little criminal have to say for himself?"

Sungmin's head shot up to see a rather average man leaning over him, a not-so-endearing smile on his face.

“I’m innocent,” was all that Sungmin said, refusing to back down from the challenge he saw in the police officers eyes even as his heart began to beat faster in nervousness.

“Whatever. You tell that to the judge when you go to your trial. You was all surrounded by blood, you was,” he nodded repeatedly and Sungmin grew to dislike him even more.

“Don’t I get to make one phone call before anything else? It’s my right.”

This time the police officer looked taken aback that the prisoner even knew about his rights. Sungmin felt like huffing, but that wouldn’t help him one bit so he just kept it all inside.

“Say kid, how old are you?”

“Eighteen,” Sungmin bit back.

“No seriously. Tell me the truth,” the officer scoffed, lifting his eyebrows at him. Sungmin seethed. He hated it whenever people doubted his age.

“But I am eighteen! You can check my ID if you want,” he growled, indicating his pocket with his lips since his hands were handcuffed to the back of the chair he was sitting on.

The officer dug into his pocket and took out the ID and Sungmin watched as his eyes roved over the ID and he nodded briefly before setting it back down on the table between them.

“So you are telling the truth,” the officer said. “You don’t look eighteen though. You look like your fifteen.”

Sungmin pouted.

“Fine, fine,” the police officer said, taking out a chain of keys from his pocket. “You go get your phone call. Don’t try anything sneaky while you're at it kid.”

He nodded enthusiastically as the police officer removed his handcuffs and helped him stand up from the chair.

Soon he was standing in front of a desk of a surly looking police officer who watched him with beady eyes as he drank his morning coffee. He gulped. Was this the only officer who had a phone on his desk?

He sighed and lifted the phone from it's receiver and reluctantly punched in the number he’d only just memorized. He hoped he got it right.





He grinned. He did get the number right.

“Hey, Wookie…”



Ryeowook clapped a hand over his mouth and shot an apologetic look at a glaring Kangin who was busy fussing over the almost-vamp man he’d found in the streets. He mumbles a short apology and then darts quickly out of the room before he explodes again.

“How did you get yourself into prison, Min?!”

There was a pause, and then a sigh came from the other end.

“I was just looking for Kyu…” Sungmin mumbles forlornly. "But then the police found me in a puddle of blood and I was taken in."

Ryeowook closes his eyes runs a hand through his hair in agitation. So he was right. Trouble really had taken a liking for his new pink-loving friend.

“Didn’t I say that I was going to do that for you?” he says as he starts to walk briskly out of the house to go in search for his motorcycle. “You should’ve just stayed put at home.”

“I know that…” the other man says, “I’m sorry…”

“I’m coming over there.” Ryeowook said, getting on his motorcycle and revving the engine.

“You don’t have to do that, Wookie!" The other man protested, he sounded alarmed, "Just get me a lawyer of something. I don’t know any and I just thought you might know one, and I don't want to have to call my Dad for help..."

"See you." Ryeowook cut him off and then stuffs the phone in his pocket and speeds off into the night.


'Aish' Sungmin curses in his head when it's the beeping tone that answers him when he tries to dissuade his friend from coming over. He settles the phone back down on the receiver sighs and gives a curt nod to his arresting officer. The said man sneered and pulled out his handcuffs as he walked over. Sungmin sighs again and lifts his wrists in resignation. But before the officer could clasp the handcuffs around his wrists a shrill voice interrupts them and everyone in the room looks up in alarm.

"What do you think you're doing to my son?!"

And there by the door stood a regal looking woman decked in pearls and fox fur with her hands on her hips and several men in suits flanking her, nose in the air as her ice-cold glare bore into the head of the man who was just about poised to snap the handcuffs over Sungmin's wrists.

"U-umma?!" Sungmin stutters out, turning red in a mixture of fear and embarrassment. "What are you doing here?"

"Imagine, calling my dear son to wish him a simple good morning because I haven't done that in so long, and then having a police officer answer instead of that dear beloved son?" she said while strolling into the room, bodyguards trailing after her.

Sungmin would have been very afraid, but it wasn't him that his mom was glaring at, it was the arresting officer, who was already recovering from the surprise and was putting that terrible smirk back on his face.

"See here ajumma, son of yours did something bad. Real nasty, blood was everywhere and all." he said, casually snapping down one end of the handcuffs on Sungmin, who winced at the feeling of cold metal against his delicate skin. His mom saw this and she grew angrier.

"What proof do you have that he was the one who committed the crime?" she hissed out, eyes burning. One of the men in suits behind her cracked his knuckles.

It was at this point that the rest of the officers in the room decided to intervene.

"Let's be reasonable ma'am, if you're really sure that he's innocent let's do this the legal way and take this to court," an official looking man said, hands raised up in a sign of coming in peace.

"I am not letting my son rot in prison till you decide to give him a trial who knows when!" she shrieked, hands flailing out so that her purse swung around and just narrowly missed hitting the face of one of her bodyguards.

"Umma, please, these are policemen." Sungmin tried to plead, knowing that this was just making things worse.

"I don't care," she said, and then she dug her hands in her purse and brought out a checkbook. "How much money do you need so I can get my son out huh? Name a price!" she demanded to the white-faced police men (obviously people who had never gone out on a field assignment ever in their entire lives).

"Oh, Umma..." Sungmin groaned, "not this again!"

But she ignored him as she furiously began to write a lot of numerals in her checkbook and Sungmin could only look at his arresting officer apologetically.

"Darn rich kids," he muttered under his breath but Sungmin only just heard and he blushed.

"Umma-" he called out again and she looked up, face softening when her eyes laid down on her youngest son, but before he could ask her to just let the police do their job, a brown-haired man suddenly burst into the room and everyone turned to look at him instead. Sungmin let out a sigh of relief when he recognized the man as Ryeowook.

"Sungmin!" Ryeowook said when he noticed that everybody was looking at him, " I'm looking for Lee Sungmin! He was brought here this morning! Around dawn! He-" he stopped when his eyes found the shivering teen with one hand cuffed and he immediately ran over.

"Are you okay?" he asked immediately, pushing the arresting officer out of the way and earning a grunt from the other man. Sungmin's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to tell Ryeowook to not act to harshly or he might get into prison too but then Ryeowook only gave him a once over before turning to the official looking man who Sungmin's mom had been trying to give a check to and addressed him.

"Hyungjoon, What's your case against him?" he demanded, his voice was so authoritative you would've thought that he was the one in the police force.

"He was found in a crime scene red handed. Literally," the man answered. "We got a call from a local that said that they had heard gunshots and saw dead bodies in a street corner. I sent my men there and they found him drowning in blood that wasn't his. We didn't find a gun on him or any bodies but the caller did say that there were many of them so assumedly, his accomplices took the bodies away and he was just the unlucky man who was unarmed and left behind. He's still in for interrogation and we're hoping to bag his colleagues. Too many men have gone missing lately and we think it's his group who's responsible for it."

Sungmin watched as Ryeowook's eyes grew wide and he prayed that he wouldn't believe a word that this Hyungjoon person was saying. He was innocent, really he was.

"Was it on 13th Sapphire Street?" Ryeowook asked and Sungmin looked up in surprise. How did Ryeowook know where the street was? He hadn't told him over the phone.

"Yes…" Hyungjoon agreed, unable to say anything either.

Everyone in the room watched as Ryeowook let out a deep weary sigh.

"It wasn't him…"

Sungmin's mother was so shocked at the turn of events but she began nodding fiercely once she'd gotten over it.

"Do you mean...?"Hyungjoon trailed off, raising one eyebrow and staring right into Ryeowook's eyes.

"Yeah. It's a new one and the one that was in Busan last fall, they were together somehow. Hunting. Sungmin didn't do anything."

Sungmin's eyes flickered from one face to the other, trying to decipher what they were saying to each other but he came up blank. He was feeling terribly bad about this, but to his surprise 'Hyungjoon' only gave a curt nod to Ryeowook before turning to his arresting officer.

"Release him."

"What?!" the police officer exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head where he'd hit it against the desk when Ryeowook had pushed him out of the way. "Why?"

"Just do it officer. And when you're done with that, call in the night patrol. I need to speak with them."

The officer kept grumbling as he unclasped the cuffs and when it was done he stalked out of the room. Sungmin let out a sigh of relief and rubbed his wrist, glad that it was finally free. He was immediately engulfed in a tight hug from his mom and all the police officers who'd rushed in began to empty the room.

"Oh my dear boy! You had me so worried!" she thrilled while holding on to him till he was gasping for breath, out of the corner of his eyes he saw the officer Hyungjoon take Ryeowook aside and speak in hushed voices. He tried to break free from his mom, he really wanted to know what the two were talking about, but his mom was now almost sobbing on his shoulder and he soon just gave up and hugged his mom back.

"Don't cry umma, I'm alright." he whispered to her as he awkwardly patted her back, he glared at all of the bodyguards who were surrounding him and they all shifted their gazes elsewhere.

"Yes, yes you are," his mom said, pulling away and then cupping his face in her hands. "Oh Minnie, I don't understand why you don't allow us to give you bodyguards. Most of them are just loafing around the house you know. It'd do your old mom's heart a lot of good."

"Umma, I don't need them! I can protect myself. That's why I studied martial arts!" he protested, taking her hands away from his face and clasping them in his. "You don't need to worry."

Her bottom lip trembled and then she threw her arms around Sungmin again and wailed.

"My boy is so brave!"

Sungmin flushed red when he saw Ryeowook ending his conversation and then grinning brightly when he saw him in his mom's embrace. He pleaded with his eyes for help to deal with the hysterical woman and the other man shrugged but stalked over anyway.

"Hyungjoon says your free to go. Sorry about the mix up Min." he said giving 2 plastic bags to Min. "They're checking the prints they got on the phones and they took samples of the blood on the pavement to find the real culprit. But they said you can take these back." Sungmin looked in them and found his cellphone and Kyuhyun's in the bag and he felt his heart clench. Then Sungmin's mom raised her head from his shoulders and turned to look at the strange new face.

"You! You helped my son get out of prison!" she exclaimed. She took out her checkbook again and tore out the check she was trying to give to the police officers as bail. "Here take it! You've been such a dear I can't thank you enough!"

Sungmin had to stop himself from face palming as his overexcited mother shoved the check into Ryeowook's hands and the man took one look at the numerals scrawled against the checks face and his eyes bugged out.

"T-ten million won?!" he squeaked, "No ajumma, i couldn't possibly take this much from you!" he tried giving the check back to woman who was now fawning over him but she ignored him and settled on fixing his collar and brushing the dirt from his shoulders. Ryeowook cast a worried look to Sungmin and it was now his turn to shrug.

"Play along." Sungmin mouthed to him before coming over and pulling Ryeowook out of his mom's grasp.

"Umma, this is my friend Ryeowook. Kim Ryeowook. Wookie, this is my Umma."

Her eyes sparkled and she clasped her hands in adoration.

"I am so glad that Minnie has a friend like you," she cooed. "Why don't you come over and have tea with me sometime," and then her eyes brightened up as if she'd just come up with a brilliant idea. "In fact, why don't you come over to the house for breakfast! I'm sure neither of you have eaten."

Both men shook their heads.

"Wonderful!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands. "We have to take separate cars though. The bodyguards will take care of that. Come!" she said this all very fast before breezing out of the room and two bodyguards came after her. Three others broke off and stood aloofly behind Sungmin.

The two had no choice but to follow.

Later on when they were both seated at the back of heavily tinted car, Ryeowook turned to Sungmin with his eyes still wide and he fished the check out of his pocket and stared at it.

"You never told me you were rich!" he said, voice shaking.

Sungmin felt his heart sinking, was Ryeowook going to be like all the others who only befriended him because of his wealth? He hoped not, but Ryeowook worked in a bar, he obviously didn't have a very comfortable lifestyle. Would he just leech off him like all the others had?

"Does it even matter?" he said, his eyes blurring with sudden tears, he blinked them away before the other could see.

"No," the other said, and Sungmin found himself letting out a sigh of relief and his spirits were soaring again. "But, here Min, take it back. It's too scary to hold that much," he pushed the check into Sungmin's hands.

"You can take it you know." Sungmin said, refusing to take it from Ryeowook. "You've already saved me twice."

Ryeowook laughed nervously. "Just don't make me do it a third time. I think that's payment enough."

"Speaking of saving me," Sungmin said, leaning over and taking the check away from a very relieved Ryeowook, "How'd you do it? What did you tell him? Are you part of the police?"

The tension didn't seem to leave Ryeowook's body. "I guess you can say it like that," he said, nodding sagely, "I'm a special type of police."

"Oh, that's good!" Sungmin said, accepting the other mans words. "Does that mean you can get into their ranks?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Could you do me a favor and tell me when they get the results from the blood tests?"

Ryeowook raised his eyebrows at the request.

"Why Min? I thought that after being arrested you wouldn't want to have anything to do with the case anymore."

Sungmin lowered his gaze and then took out the plastic bags that Ryeowook had handed to him a while ago and he pulled out a black phone from inside.

"This phone belongs to Kyuhyun. I found it next to a puddle of...you know," his voice was shaking.

"Oh." Ryeowook didn't say anything else, but he took Sungmin's hands in his and squeezed them.

"I just need to know what happened to him and where he is. I hope it isn't his blood...You don't think he's...you know-dead," he had to force the word out. "Right Wookie? He just can't be!"

"No Min, he isn't dead," the other man said before enveloping Sungmin in a hug and placing his chin on top of the other's head.

Let's hope he isn't.


Kyuhyun opened his eyes wishing he was dead and then getting terribly disappointed when he realized that he was already dead and getting his wish granted didn't really do him any good.

"Owwww..." he groaned, sitting up and rubbing his sore arm muscles. "What happened to me?" he had a vague feeling that this had happened before.

"You got shot three times by silver bullets," a shadow sitting standing by the window replied. "You should be happy you still exist."

Kyuhyun squinted at the dark image and wasn't surprised when his eyes didn't fail him and he took in child like features on an otherwise full grown man.

"Who are you?" he blurted out rudely, not in the mood to put up with anything now that his body was so sore it felt like he'd done a complete workout at a gym, not that he'd done that too many times but he did know the feeling.

"I'm Onew," the shadow said, before he slid out of the shadows and Kyuhyun finally spotted the wings on him. "I'm Zhou Mi's fourth creation. You're the fifth."

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes. Now he didn't know about that. Just how many vampires lived in this house?

"Where are the others?" he asked.

"Dead." Onew answered softly, "Yumin was killed when he was still a baby, Jiyeon killed herself and Han Geng was finished off by vampire hunters, and that almost happened to you too."

Kyuhyun noticed Onew staring at him and he looked down and was shocked to see blackened holes marring the once flawless skin on his chest.

"You were lucky you know. The last time that particular vampire hunter was in town he took one shot and it was a fatal right away. I don't think Zhou Mi would have taken the loss of another creation lightly."

He touched the black mark closest to his heart and winced when he found out that it was all wrinkled and soft.

"How'd I heal so fast?" he asked marveling at the how the black skin under his finger almost gave way to his touch.

"Blood does wonders for vampires," Onew said simply before fishing out another bag of blood and throwing it at him. He caught it deftly and bit right into the plastic, it wasn't as good as fresh blood but it still tasted wonderful and Kyuhyun quickly emptied the bag with only a few gulps.

Onew grimaced at the blood running down Kyuhyun's chin and the younger looked up at him challengingly. Onew only shook his head.

"Just don't try to run off anymore. The hunter still hasn't left town. When he's gone, then you can go make a run for it. I might even help you."

Kyuhyun's eyes brightened and he stopped fingering his scars. "You will?!"

Onew shrugged. "Why not? I ran off too when I was still a newborn. Didn't do me much good but hey, if you want to do it then, why not?"

"What happened when you ran off?" Kyuhyun asked curiously.

"My bloodthirst ran wild and I killed a lot of people." Onew answered honestly, and Kyuhyun felt goosebumps pop all over his skin at how casually Onew had said it. Was he going to be like that too in the future? How was Eeteuk? Was he also dead like the people this man had killed? Kyuhyun suddenly didn't want to run off anymore if it meant that he'd be taking away lives. Onew saw the flash of fear on Kyuhyun's face and grinned.

"Don't worry. I doubt you would do the same thing. You have time. I'll teach you how to be a vampire while the hunter's in town. But when he leaves your on your own."

Kyuhyun could only nod, he didn't want to show how excited he was to this vampire that he'd just met. That would ruin his image.

"Thanks," he said. "When are we going to start?"

Onew grinned.

"Right now," he answered before pulling Kyuhyun out of the bed and then lifted him up into the air.

"Hold on tight," the other vampire quipped, and Kyuhyun only had time to widen his eyes before Onew spread his wings and jumped out the window.


Ryeowook collapsed against the door and groaned.

"I feel so full!!!"

Sungmin only laughed at him.

"You didn't have to eat everything she gave you. She was just giving you choices!" he guffawed and Ryeowook glared up at him. He crumpled down at the foot of the door and moaned. He didn't think he'd be able to move for quite some time. He closed his eyes and prepared to fall asleep.

"Yah! Get up!" Sungmin said above him, poking his cheeks. Ryeowook ignored him.

"Ryeowookie! Someone is calling you!" Sungmin called out again, and this time Ryeowook opened his eyes and found Sungmin waving his cellphone in his face. "It's someone named Kangin, Wookie. Is this call important?"

Ryeowook groaned again and grabbed the cellphone from Sungmin's hands and answered the call.

"Yoboseyo?" he said, sitting up and ignoring Sungmin, who was still laughing at his grumpy image.

"Wookie-ah? Where are you? Yah, the vampire is about to wake up, I need an extra hand."

Ryeowook immediately sprung up, taking Sungmin by surprise. Oh god he'd almost forgotten about that. He had to get back fast.

"I'll be right there," he said, and then he snapped the phone shut and glanced apologetically at his friend.

"I have to go," he said, and Sungmin nodded in understanding.

"Family problem?" Ryeowook didn't bother to correct him. "The guards took your motorbike and put it in the garage. Come I'll take you there."

"Thanks, Min." he said, and then he had to force himself to walk under the heavy weight off his stomach through winding passages and large hallways. "Why is your house so big Min? How can you take it?" he complained when his feet started to feel like lead.

The man in front of him giggled and began to walk backwards so that he could see Ryeowook while talking to him. "Now you know why I live in an apartment. Don't worry Wookie. We're almost there, just take this turn here and, here we are!"

Ryeowook didn't bother to comment on the assembled luxury cars in front of him, he'd already seen too much of the luxury Sungmin lived in through the past hour, it was mind-boggling, but what else would you expect from the son of the President of the Lee group? He'd only found out earlier and was still having a hard time taking it all in.

"Your bike's just over there," Sungmin said, walking past the Porsche and pointing at the large motorbike parked behind it. "You have the keys right?"

"Yeah," he answered, fishing them out of his pocket, he walked over to his bike and patted the handles. He swiftly got on it and revved the bike.

"Tell your umma thanks for the food. It was all delicious," he told Sungmin.

"I will. i will." he smiled, he took out a remote control and pressed a button, the garage door opened and light spilled in. "Have a safe trip Wookie."

"You're the one who should stay safe. You just keep getting in trouble"

Sungmin pouted.

"Fine. Just, don't forget to get the results of the blood test okay? I just need to know..."

"I will." Ryeowook said, his heart heavy, reminding him that he had to talk to Kangin about this. He was fairly sure it was Kyuhyun that he'd shot last night. But that wasn't the bad part about it. It was the fact that the man hadn't bled when he'd been shot that was bad. He didn't have the heart to tell Sungmin this though. The guy still didn't know anything about vampires. It was best that he stayed ignorant of it all.

"Bye Min." he said and then he unclasped the helmet that was strapped to the handle bars and slipped it on, he didn't want Sungmin to see the guilt in his eyes. Sungmin smiled and Ryeowook felt his heart drop down a little bit again. He shook his head and drove off.

"Bye Wook!" he heard Sungmin shout from behind.

Ryeowook ignored it and focused on the road, just a little bit further and he'd be at the gates, how long would it take for him to get to Kangin's place? Nobody knew what happened when a vampire woke up when he was first turned, and he didn't want to find it out brutally, he had to get there real fast, he didn't have time to deal with his conscience.

He pulled over when he reached the gates and he motioned at the cameras so that the operators could open it for him. The gates swung open and he started up the engine again and he angled so that he could drive right out of here but then a heavily tinted car was suddenly zooming up the driveway and Ryeowook just managed to swerve out off the way with a high-pitched yell as it sped right in and Ryeowook was suddenly outside the Lee property and struggling to control his vehicle as the air closed up around him.

He felt goosebumps pop up all over his body.

He stopped the bike just outside the gates and got off it on wobbly knees and he steadied himself against the high walls of the estate and stared blankly at the gates.

Had he imagined the sudden tightening of his chest when that car had run past him? Did he just-No that couldn't be possible. It just couldn't be. He shakily got on his motorcycle again and sped away, shaking off the feeling of nausea he'd gotten.

He'd probably just imagined it.


"Sungjin-hyung!" Sungmin cried throwing his arms up in the air and then glomping on his older brother the moment the latter stepped out of his car.

"Whoa! Minnie! You're here!" Sungjin also cried out, lifting his brother up in the air.

"I missed you Jin-hyung. Bogoshipeo!!!" Sungmin said, pulling away.

"I did too Min. You should visit more often."

"I'll try. It's just school, too many projects and homework." Sungmin said, purposely omitting Kyuhyun's disappearance from his sentence. They didn't need to know about that. They'd get worried.

"School?" his brother scoffed, "you should try the board meetings, all those idiots trying to get what they want. It's just stupid Min."

The two brothers laughed together for what seemed like the first time in forever. It was only when a heavily-built man stepped out of the car and slammed the car door shut that the two stopped.

"Oh, Siwonnie!" Sungmin greeted, running over to glomp the other man as well. "You're here!"

"Doryeon-nim." the older man greeted, eyes twinkling as he hugged the smaller man back.

Sungmin frowned. "Why are you always so formal, Siwon? Just call me Sungmin. or Min. None of those master stuff."

"Yes, Doryeon-nim."

Sungmin pouted.

"Don't bother." Sungjin sniggered behind him, "I've been trying to get him to call me Sungjin since he started, still no success."

"Oh." Sungmin sighed, and then he perked up again and pulled at Siwon's arm. "Well, come in Siwon. Have breakfast or a snack. You must be hungry, Hyung has kept you driving all night hasn't he?"

He ignored the pout his older brother made and focused on Siwon who only smiled and shook his head. "I'm sorry Doryeon-nim, I can't. Heechul is waiting for me at home."

"Well then why don't you come around Dinner time and bring Heechul over. You've been driving for us for so long but you've never actually introduced him to us." Sungjin offered and Sungmin nodded enthusiastically.

For a moment Sungmin thought he saw a flash of fear cross over Siwon's face but then he was smiling the next second and he decided that maybe it was just a trick of light.

"I'll ask him about it Doryeon-nim." Siwon said, and then he smiled.


Kangin was pacing feverishly in front of his new vampire's room, battling out whether he should take his gun out or not, when a very pale Ryeowook came stumbling into the hall.

"There you are!" he cried out, rushing over to him. "What happened to you?" he asked when he noticed the pallor.

"I thought I felt-" the younger man started to say, his eyes wide, but then his words got cut off by a shrill scream and both of their heads snapped up.

"He's awake." Kangin muttered.

Both of them sprinted towards the door and Kangin ignored how his heart dropped when he saw Ryeowook draw his gun out of the corner of his eyes. He was being unreasonable, of course you needed a gun when dealing with a vampire. He pushed the door open and bounded right in, hoping that the beauty he'd decided to keep wouldn't pounce on him and kill him off.

Instead he was met by another shrill scream and the man on the bed pulled the covers up to his chin and yelled out.

"Who are you?!" he demanded, eyes wide in fear.

Kangin noticed that Ryeowook had his gun up and was pointing it at the vampire and he motioned at him to lower the weapon and the younger hesitantly obeyed.

"My name is Kangin." he said soothingly, taking a step forward and ignoring the alarmed hiss Ryeowook let out. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Why would I believe you!?" the man yelled hysterically, scrambling away from Kangin as far as the bed would let him. "I was bitten by my student. My student! Kyuhyun was one of my favorites! He was almost a son! But he bit me! There was blood so much blood! Oh my god! Am I dead?! Are you God?!"

In spite of the seriousness of the moment, Kangin couldn't stop the heavy rumbles of laughter that burst out of him. "G-god?! You think I'm god? Puhahahahaha!" and he collapsed over the side of the bed and laughed so hard till he couldn't breathe anymore. He only stopped when a pillow came flying into his face and he looked up to find a red-faced man glaring down at him.

"You're right. You aren't god. You're just a jerk," he said. And without warning he burst out into tears and Kangin found himself scrambling up to wrap his arms around the sobbing man.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He whispered, awkwardly patting the man on the back as he looked over at Ryeowook for help but the younger man was frozen in his spot with a look of fear frozen on his face.

"It's alright." he mouthed to Ryeowook, and then he turned back to the crying man and sighed.

"I'm sorry. That was really insensitive. I won't do it again," he muttered into the other mans hair.

"I'm just so scared K-kangin-sshi. So scared," he sobbed out, and then he was hugging Kangin back and burying his face in Kangin's neck and the bigger man disregarded the way his stomach dropped and just patted the other man on the back.

"It'll be okay," he whispered. "I'm here."

The other man pulled away, and it hurt Kangin's heart to see tears in the other ones eyes. "You won't leave?"

Kangin shook his head, "No, I won't" he said firmly.

The other man settled back down in his embrace and lay his head on Kangin's shoulder. "Thank you," he thought he heard the other say and then the body went limp and the breathing evened out and the other man was asleep again, just like that.

"Whoa." Kangin said, "This guy is really tired."

He began chuckling lightly. The disaster was avoided. Maybe the man wasn't going to change after all. He looked cheerfully over at Ryeowook.

"Wasn't so bad was it?" he said, and then laughed a bit more, but then he noticed that Ryeowook was still frozen in his spot and his forehead creased in concern.

He hesitantly pulled himself out of the tangle of the other one's embrace and tucked him back in the bed before walking over to Ryeowook.

"What is it Wook? Something wrong?"

"Kyuhyun was the one who bit him," Ryeowook said, voice flat.

"Yes, and...?" Kangin prompted as he pulled Ryeowook out of the room and carefully shut the door behind him.

"You remember that guy I told you about? Sungmin?" Ryeowook asked and the older man nodded at him. "He asked me to look for his best friend. The guy is--has been missing for a week and a half now. He, well, Sungmin found his bloodied cell phone by the place where I found that guy." Ryeowook pointed at the door leading to the room they'd just vacated.

"You mean...the guy you're looking for is Kyuhyun?" Kangin asked feeling sympathy for this 'Sungmin' person. The guy was never going to see his best friend ever again.

"Yeah. He's a vampire now, appa! And i think he's dead now because I shot him down. I'm not sure if that's good or bad anymore."

"What are you talking about?" Kangin demanded. "Of course it's good! If Kyuhyun was turned he'd try to visit your friend and then you'd find yourself one friend short."

"But what about Min?" Ryeowook wailed, "He asked me for the results of the blood test on the blood they found on the streets. That's your pet vamps blood of course, but, i don't know what to do anymore. I just don't."

"Leave it to me." Kangin said, patting his dongsaeng on the back. Ryeowook looked up at him with wide hopeful eyes.

"You'll figure out something?"

"Just don't tell your friend about any of our business. He deserves his peace. But i'll have him stop searching for Kyuhyun."

Ryeowook looked up at him curiously.


"Well, this Kyuhyun is dead. It doesn't matter if you shot him down or not. He's dead no matter what. We just need Sungmin to find out."



"Hyungjoon! Yoboseyo!"

"K-kangin-sshi? This is unusual. To what do I owe this pleasure too?"

"Listen, it's about those blood tests you're running. The one my Ryeowook is involved in."

"Oh, you're talking about that mystery blood we found on the 13th Sapphire Street, eh?"

"Yes those ones."

"What about them?"

"I need you to fake those results."

"What?! Why would I do that?"

"We know who the murderer is. Ryeowook has already killed him. We also have the one that murderer killed. He's undead."


"Listen, we don't need anybody to go looking for our guy. Just fake those results to get them of our back and that's done."

"Okay, okay. So, who am I supposed to make it look like the blood belonged to?

"The name's Kyuhyun, Cho Kyuhyun. Write that down."

"Is this a real person? Because if it is the relatives are going to come here looking for a body. If we can't show them that-"

"Don't worry, the vampires will take care of that."

"The vampires?"

"They fake the deaths of those they turn. Expect a really mangled body up there soon. It's going to have Cho Kyuhyun as a name tag on it."

"Got it."

"Thanks pal, I really owe one."

"Oh you do Kangin. You really really do."


Hyungjoon let the phone slip down from his hands and dropped his head down on his desk in resignation. Sigh. He didn't sign up for this. All he wanted was to be in the police force to please his dad. Not fight vampires, not follow all the really eccentric demands of a guy who he's never actually seen. Sigh.


He looked up to see a female police officer hovering above his desk.

"What is it?" he groaned.

"We've just gotten a report of a body that's been found. It's been brought in to be autopsied. I was ordered to take these pictures to you," she handed him a yellow envelope.

Hyungjoon eyes it weirdly as he took it form her hands and she scampered off.

Don't tell me this is Cho Kyuhyun...he thought in his mind, thinking that it was already way to fast for things to happen.

He took out the pictures and stared. No. There was nothing mangled about the corpse. In fact the man simply looked like he'd been sleeping, and he was also terribly pale, but that was about it...wait. There was this small disruption of the mans white skin, on his right shoulder. What was it?

He flipped though more of the pictures, hoping that one of his men had also seen the dark spot and had photographed it for him, he was really started to get frustrated when finally he hit jackpot and an enlarged image of the curious effect was exposed to his eyes.

"Oh god..." he whispered as he fought off the urge to retch. This was inhumane.

He dropped the photos on his desk and caught his face in his hands with a loud groan.

He really didn't sign up for this.

He moved on to the next police officer to give him a report and pushed the pictures away under his in bin, but he never really got the image of what it was that was carved into the victims skin out of his mind. It was just too horrific, childish and he couldn't understand why anybody would do it.

He just couldn't get it out of his mind that somewhere some heartless bastard had decided to carve those immature words so deep into the skin of someone he'd killed that you could see the white bone peaking out from underneath.

The words?

The Dangerous Cinderella was here.


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