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General Pairings
Facebook-ing - YeHenWook, QMiMin, SiHanChul, KiHaeHyuk, Kangteuk, Shindong (yeah, threesomes solve everything | PG-13

Unrequited - Hanchul; Sichul; Yewon; Yewook; Henwook; Zhoury; Qmi; Kyumin; Hyukmin; Eunhae; Kihae; Kangteuk, Shindong/Nari | G | It's a never-ending cycle of hope and broken hearts, of hurting and being hurt and none of them can break out.

Umbrellas - Kyumin or Kyuhyun/reader (if you want it to be) | G | it had begun to rain, and you've forgotten your umbrella

Pink Dresses - Kyumin | NC-17 | The other man was playing feverishly on his game console but Sungmin didn’t give a damn. He bought this one-piece dress for a reason, you know.

Kyumin's Dictionary - Kyumin | G | Kyuhyun and Sungmin's relationship, in dictionary form. Measured in words instead of minutes.

Koi No Yokan - kyumin | PG | "If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate...would you want to know?"

how kyuhyun falls in love (he doesn't) - kyumin | G | kyuhyun doesn't fall in love, not really.

Ideally Real - kyumin | G | kyuhyun and sungmin move into a new apartment.

Of Rooftops, Wishes, and Shooting Stars - Kihae | G | (HS!AU) Kibum had just wanted to be alone. Donghae had other ideas.

A Wish - Kihae | G | Kid! Suju | Kibum spends a day at a park and there he meets a strange boy...

• Act II, Scene IV - sorta onesided!Kihae (HS!AU) | PG (implied character death)| angst

• Boundary Dreamers - Kihae, friendship!Eunhae | PG | fluff, angst, drama | In the boundary where Life would mean forgetting and Death: letting go, Kibum meets Donghae, and together, they try to hold on.

• Nostalgic Numbness - Kihae | PG | angst | Kibum unwittingly tunes in to We Got Married.

• leaving (footprints in the sand) - Kihae | PG | fluff and angst | A walk down the beach with kibum and his heart.

• Stings - Hanchul | G | Heechul receives a note after he gets hit by the fanboard.

• The In-Between - Hyukmin | G | Hyukjae sat alone today.

• Mint and Lilac - Hyukmin | T | where sungmin borrows an eraser and hyukjae drops his heart (it breaks)


♥ [HIATUS] Of Kisses, Magnaes, and Turtles [3/?] | Mostly PG-13
→ A series of interconnected drabbles following the breaking and mending of KyuMin’s relationship.

D1 - the first kiss | D2 - the silent observer | D3 - in the rain
D4 - (still in progress = editing / temporarily stopped)

❀ Second Chances [4/?] | PG-13
→ KyuMin, other pairings | angst, romance, humor | When he died, Kyuhyun lost the will to live. Will he find it again after they're given a second chance?
WARNING: Character Death

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
5 - (still in progress = writing ✎)

✯ Thirst [6/?] | taking little tippy-toes out of the PG-13 region 0.o
→ main!kyumin, implied!eunhae, onesided!kihae, possible!minwook (with SM stars and U-KISS)| general, angst, drama, romance with a bit of fluff and crack at the side. | Kyuhyun is attacked in a dark alley one night, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Theme: Vamp!AU, HS!AU, dark themes, blood and gore

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
7 - (still in progress = writing ✎)

Backstory 1 [side Kibum]

♔ WIPs ♔

Almost, but not quite - Kyumin | G | It was supposed to be so simple. Walk up the aisle and say your "i do's" and then you'd have him for the rest of your life, right? That was how things were supposed to be...

Matchmaking (and how suju failed at it) - general pairings | G | They didn’t know how it had happened, but somehow, over the five years that they’d been together as friends, they’d all begun pairing up. All except for them.

Untitles - | Heechul, Hankyung | G | 500-1000w; a homeless man; languages | AU


★ 100 Super Junior Fics Challenge ★ Masterlist

★ Original Stories ★

Untitled - G | The fairies had said that only true loves first kiss would wake her from the spell. The prince fell in love with her. Nobody said anything about her having to love him back.

Asphalt - R | The horror spreads.


Fic Dump

Fic dump
(Some of these are finished and so e aren't!!!! Just a warning)

Title: death becomes you
Rating: T
Summary: (mystery novel-ish,) Wouldn't it be nice to look young forever?

there was no use regretting it nowCollapse )

Title: SM 1186
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: T
Summary: On a bright Wednesday morning, Cho Kyuhyun receives a package.

we"ll figure out a name for you later. As for now, do you want to see yourself?Collapse )

Title: come home
Pairing: eunhae
Rating: T
Summary: hyukjae had only gone out to buy choco pies

A/n: this was supposed to be so much longer than it is, and not just conversations but...

D 동핵 :〔 stop lying to me and come home ㅠ 〕Collapse )

Title: counter clockwise wednesdays
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: T
Summary: Today it is Wednesday and Kyuhyun is already sitting on the park bench, beneath the bent green lamp post.

who really knows where a story begins?Collapse )

Title: untitled
pairings: none
Rating: g
Summary: supposed to be eunhae kid!fic

hyuk is building a sandcastleCollapse )

Title: the voyeuristic nature of posters
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: T
Summary: this was supposed to be a fic where Kyuhyun is Sungmin's drawing and he comes to life, but somehow he ended up eating Sungmin's homework? I don't know.

I am going to die. Collapse )

A/N: these are just a couple of things I found in my notebooks and old notes. Some of which may or may not be continued, but not for a long time because I'm working on this ultra long fic and schools coming up.

Ideally Real [1/1]

Title: Ideally Real
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: g
Genre: fluff, domestic
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin move into a new apartment.

("You"re staring again." Sungmin chides, gingerly moving a larger-than-average box to the nearest table top, "Do you really have to do that every time you see me?" )Collapse )

A/n: finally something happy! Written in a rush so it's not as good as I want it to be, sorry >.


Koi No Yokan [1/1]

Title: Koi No Yokan
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: pg
Genre: fluff and angst
Summary: "If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate...would you want to know?"

Everyone has numbers etched on their wrists. It was a given, a simple fact of life.Collapse )

A/n: this one is inspired by a prompt I found on tumblr, I'll link it here soon when I figure the HTML out. I swear this was supposed to be cute and light hearted and that's why I started with adorable eunhae but I guess I've forgotten how to write fluff.


Kyumin's Dictionary [1/1]

Title: Kyumin's Dictionary
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: g
Genre: fluff & angst
Summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin's love story, in dictionary form. Measured in words instead of minutes.

I can"t pinpoint the exact moment that you stole my heart away.Collapse )

A/N: I got the idea from A Lovers Dictionary by David Levithan. If you haven't read it yet YOU HAVE TO.

leaving (footprints in the sand) 1/1

Title: leaving (footprints in the sand)
Pairing: kihae
Rating: g
Genre: fluff & angst
Summary: the sun sets on Kibums heart.

I will/I do/I did miss youCollapse )
Title: how kyuhyun falls in love (he doesn't)
Pairing: kyumin
Rating: g
Genre: romance
Summary: too short to have a summary >.<

how kyuhyun falls in love (but doesn"t)Collapse )

mint and lilac [1/1]

Prompt: mint and lilac
Pairing: hyukmin
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Summary: where sungmin borrows an eraser and hyukjae drops his heart (it breaks)

It"s not perfect, but it"s love.Collapse )

A/N: I'm sorry.

this is from mimi's prompt,
Prompt: the in-between
Pairing: Hyukjae/? (can be interpreted as Hyukmin, I guess)
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Summary: Hyukjae sat alone today. | 347 words

A/N: there was supposed to be a connection between the story and the prompt I swear but it got lost as I typed. OTL. unbetaed and both first drafts OTL

Hyukjae had to wonder why he suddenly felt so warm.Collapse )

Prompt: nostalgic numbness
Pairing: Kihae
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Summary: Kibum unwittingly turns on his tv to We Got Married. | 290 words

On-screen Donghae fidgeted and stuttered and goddamned blushed around the woman and Kibum found himself narrowing his eyes.Collapse )


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